Stashbusting in July

Yes, I know it is now August 4th but I have been waiting for the weather to improve to take photographs somewhere other than my cream wall. It was quite nice before the kids broke up from school but has been a bit spotty since then.


Wrap pants

While dredging in a not oft used drawer I rediscovered these leopard print wrap pants. I mainly use them on holiday but on a warm day they were perfect. It got me wondering how the pattern would be as shorts.

Pattern shape

Pattern shape

You can see the ties on the back

You can see the ties on the back

Wrap shorts

Wrap shorts

As it turns out I’m not sure I like them. I suspect the problem is that in shortening the whole thing they have lost some of their appeal. They catch the breeze more easily when long, and don’t look quite so ‘tubular’. I think I may try again but add a bit of fullness to the pattern pieces so that they look a bit more like a wrap skirt. The pattern is very simple – just two pieces cut from the width of a fabric piece with a U shape cut out to give the crotch space. I added the darts from my skirt block to the waist to give a little shape and used the full width of the 150cm  wide fabric for the pink. I cut them a bit longer than necessary so lost a bit of fabric when I shortened them. The ties are just strips made long enough to tie in a bow front and back. The style does mean that loo visits are a bit of a fandangle but I like them regardless. The long ones. These were made from some polyester crepe which I know washes and dries quickly making it perfect for hot climates – if a bit sticky. I’m happy to have this used now, even if I don’t wear them very often.


You may remember the odd shaped pants from the last Patrones I reviewed. Well, the leapfrogged the Thai Fishermans pants that I cut the pattern for at the same time. They took no time to make up and I love them!

Sarrouel Trousers front

Sarrouel Trousers front

Sarrouel Trousers - back

Sarrouel Trousers – back

That much fabric!

That much fabric!

I made these in some rayon that had been in the stash forever. I liked the colour but never really knew what I wanted from the fabric so was quite happy to risk it with a project I wasn’t sure I would like. How wrong could I be? These are very comfortable to wear – breezy as you like for warm days – and despite expecting The Management to choke when he saw them he has declared them ‘very smart’. Wonders never cease! He also decided that they were ‘skrousers’ as they didn’t quite fit either category.

Sarrouel Trousers - She Wears the PantsThe seams made me think that it would have been useful to have included some in seam pockets, and also that I might prefer them a little shorter. I remembered that a shorter, much more involved, version was included in the ‘She Wears the Pants’ book I bought some time ago. I recall sniggering a bit when I saw them but I now think they would be well worth a try. Summer suit weight perhaps? This book is another of the wonderfully odd Japanese pattern books (the patterns are supplied) which would never fit me but I can crib ideas from them. Despite the title there are few ‘pants’.

Anyway, that makes three garments made for me (along with the Jasper Hoodie) in July and the PJ’s for The Management using 10 metres in total. Not quite as much as I bought this month but a small dent in the stash 🙂


22 Comments on “Stashbusting in July”

  1. sew2pro says:

    I’ve only seen such ‘wrap’ trousers once (my friend has them) and had no idea what they were called. I have been meaning to make them except that the practicalities of toilet visits are scaring me off. But I love the side splits. They would look great with heels. Mmm, in navy or black.

    I’m afraid the second style just reminds me of MC Hammer!

    • Hammer time!
      Yes, toilet visits are less than perfect but the excess fabric can be held easily over an arm. They would look great with heels but not for me – I fall over in flats so heels are a no 😢

  2. prttynpnk says:

    I do love some haremy fab pants- these are all winners!

  3. CurlsnSkirls says:

    Like your harem pants, but couldn’t be doing with wrapping & unwrapping for practical matters! 😉 Discovered somewhat the same thing when I shortened a full length pants pattern recently… I’ll be interested to see how your next pair with changes goes. Might try that for my next pair, too, so thank you for the suggestion!

  4. mrsmole says:

    No matter how many times I see harem pants, the view from the back just says “droopy diaper/nappy” I like the split leg pants especially for hot climates but I’d be wary of any splits when they were shorts…careful what you expose, Kim! ‘Skrousers’ …what a great word…sounds like someone, like my husband from Liverpool, who has had one drink too many.

    • With a good wrap they are perfectly decent (surprisingly so!)
      I was amazed The Management liked the skrousers! Your scouser comment is hilarious – I hadn’t considered that 😂

  5. tialys says:

    The wrap trousers look cool and comfortable but I’m afraid I’m in the ‘full nappy’ camp with the skrousers. Still, if you’re happy (and the Management too!) that’s all that matters.

  6. Fadanista says:

    I found these trousers really interesting – I think I’m too short to wear such things, but love them on others. Those harem pants would be so comfy, I feel quite jealous!

  7. fabrickated says:

    Well well well I had thought Fadanista was at least 6″ tall. Amazing how deceptive these blog photographs are. I think I will give the trousers “foive” – do you remember Juke Box Jury – because comfort and ease of wear is what they are all about. And I think they are fit for purpose (which includes using up the fabric supply).

  8. sewruth says:

    I’m following your lead – no more fabric purchases until all stash is used up! (I had my fingers crossed when I said that).
    Great fun to try new styles and shapes and then find out you love them. Your harem pants are so cool.

    • Thanks Ruth. My fabric purchases have to work with something in the stash to create a garment or outfit. Or be a stupendously good buy. Good luck with your stashbusting too.

  9. Roxane says:

    Love the wrap shorts– and really, they can’t be much worse than a jumpsuit in the loo, can they? And maybe it’s time to reclaim the pants from MC Hammer. The dress,I just made had an option for sewing the front and back hems together to make a somewhat similar jumpsuit, and I am seeing designs for so many creative pants that maybe they are coming around again.

    • Certainly no worse than a jumpsuit for loo visits. I’m amazed at just how much I love those mad pants. I will have to check out your dress and imagine the hem sewn up. It’s good to try odd stuff from time to time 😃

  10. […] days this week. As a result I have been very happy to have had this available (and both pairs of scrousers). I repeated the Epaulet top in the leftover cotton which worked well (The Management likes it) but […]

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