One for me, one for him

I have been having quite a nice time around clients doing stuff for me – and him. I am doing my absolute utmost to sew from stash – including all the odds and sods needed to complete – so when I manage that I’m very happy.

The Management is very tolerant of my fabric habit so he does deserve some reward occasionally. I decided that I would get stuck in on the fabric I bought to make shirts for him. It’s actually very easy as he prefers to wear short sleeved shirts so no problems with plackets and cuffs – even the collar is pretty easy since these are ‘soft’ dressmaker shirts rather than having a really stiff collar.

Striped cotton shirt - he seems happy!

Striped cotton shirt – he seems happy!


Chevron detail on back yoke

Chevron detail on back yoke


I got the lovely penguin fabric out as I really wanted to start with that – and *damn it* there wasn’t enough! I hadn’t checked the width when I bought it and it isn’t the 150cm wide I assumed it was. Pants. I will try to buy another 1/2 meter next time I’m inn Birmingham which will solve the problem (or make something for me….). After that I was a bit huffed but decided to plough on with the stripe. It had been pre washed and was ready to go and there was loads of this as I had thought it would be good as pj’s but he preferred the idea of it as a shirt. The pattern is self drafted (but is similar to McCalls 6044) and has been made so many times I know I can just cut and go so it is a really nice easy garment to make. He seemed pretty happy with it – and the penguins will be next.

Fadanistas fabulous  Sneaky shrug

Fadanistas fabulous Sneaky shrug


The next item from stash has been a bit out of season – but I really wanted to try the pattern and make up this fabric. It is the leopard knit from the last trip to Birmingham – the one where I wasn’t going to buy anything, remember? I would blame Fairy but I really didn’t need any encouragement. My original intention for this fabric was the twisted jumper from Pattern Magic but I really wanted to make Fadanistas sneaky shrug. I loved the shape, and that it could be worn either way up (honest, make it and give it a try!), even inside out if you take the time to neaten the sleeve hem. This shrug is pattern gold – and Sue has given not only the pattern dimensions but also a tutorial on her blog. It looks a bit complicated at first but the trick is not to over think it. It took about an hour to cut out and sew. Sadly it is too warm again to model it (what is it with British weather?) so I have asked the lovely Bessie to show it off.  I know I am going to wear this loads – and the bonus is that there is almost certainly enough fabric left to still make up the twisted jumper. Score!

So, the shirt used up 1.5m, and the shrug 1.8m so 3.3m used – only a couple of hundred meters to use up!

Keep sewing 🙂





18 Comments on “One for me, one for him”

  1. Fadanista says:

    Thank you for linking to my tutorial Kim, I have to say that your sneaky shrug looks fabulous! The first one I made was from a lightweight knit suitable for warmer weather, so you could make another one…:) Your husband’s shirt is also lovely – what’s not to like about a chevroned yoke? It is gorgeous.

    • I’m waiting for it to be cool enough to wear that one (didn’t think we would be saying that this summer!) but I’m sure there will be more. Thanks for all your details which made this a wonderfully easy project 🙂

  2. jay says:

    Shhh! Don’t show this to my husband. I maintain that the cost of decent shirting makes DIY uneconomic.

  3. Tia Dia says:

    Good on you keeping the management happy. Mine is still waiting for overdue shirts.

  4. tialys says:

    I’m so impressed by the yoke of the Management’s shirt. Shame he can’t see it from where he is;)

  5. sewruth says:

    Ah the benefits of retirement – for him, relaxed shirts and no ties and you can wear whatever you want.
    I’m also seeking fabric for Fadanista’s shrug – just have to……..

  6. Ooh I am now feeling inspired to make Big Man a shirt! Love that shrug too. Just back in England since a few hours ago. Drop me am email with your address. ..I have magazines for you ☺

  7. Swoon…that stripe matching on the chevron is perfection!

  8. Roxane says:

    How kind of you to consider The Management! I am not that nice. Love ver the shrug, and thanks for putting me onto Fadanista’s blog.

  9. Wow! What a wonderful job stripe matching. Your shrug looks very warm and comfortable. Fadanista has a great idea there!

  10. mrsmole says:

    So happy to see you are doing regular family sewing instead of cranking out stuff for cranky clients!!!! Great hubby shirt and I echo the praise for the chevron yoke. Even if you had that feature on the front I doubt it would make an impression…after all he is a man and they just don’t get many details like that. May have to go over and check oiut that shrug if our weather ever cools down…it can’t stay 98 forever!

    • Thanks Mrs Mole! Go check out the shrug – it’s fabulous. I want another now. It’s even a little warm for them here in the UK but autumn is just around the corner – morning mists on the river already 😃

  11. […] for the bleak grey weather we are having. Again the fabric is leftover from another project – Fadanistas Sneaky Shrug. The fabric was dirt cheap from Birmingham Market so I have absolutley no idea exactly what it is […]

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