T-shirt/tunic Copy

While I was in London in June I visited Uniqlo on Oxford Street. I had long admired the clothes in magazines and thought that although they are probably targeted at a younger market they were very much my style – or a style I would like to have.


The Uniqlo original

Anyway, I did come home with two dresses and a t-shirt tunic which I have worn loads and is frequently admired. I knew I wanted more of the tunics and I had a self drafted pattern which was not too far from what I wanted. It took longer to find the blessed pattern than it did to make the changes I wanted to turn it into a ‘Not quite Uniqlo top’! Once tracked down I think the pattern took about 1/2 an hour max.

The fabric I used was the gorgeous soft jersey I bought in Birmingham on my visit with Naomi. I

My copy of tunic top

My copy of tunic top

had bought 2 metres (at a massive £1 a metre – ridiculous price for a lovely jersey but I’m not complaining) and only needed a metre. The stripes (for there are stripes) were very thin and fairly subtle so I didn’t make too much effort to pattern match. Despite that they don’t look too bad – no-one but another sewer would even be looking!

I will make this again in another fabric – all I need to do to make it really good (IMHO) is to narrow the shoulders a bit to look more like the original and move the bust darts up a fraction.

Am I happy?



12 Comments on “T-shirt/tunic Copy”

  1. Ooh I’d be happy too….and that last photo is brilliant!

  2. Gail says:

    Narrowing the shoulders is exactly what it needs. You actually have very nice definition in your deltoids. The cream one shows that, the green you you made does not. Still, I love both tunics!

    • Thanks Gail! Clearly that kettlebell is earning its keep. I’m going to dredge my fabric stash to make another of these to perfect the pattern. I’m pretty sure I will wear this pattern lots.

  3. tialys says:

    I only really heard of Uniqlo after they did a collaboration with Liberty and I bought a couple of dresses and some shorts at a very reasonable price. I don’t know anything about deltoids but I agree the cut away shoulders are slightly more flattering and, for me, I would scoop the neck a bit more but then we would be getting away from the style you liked so much in the first place.
    Anyway, one thing is certain, we should have more trampolining photos.

    • I will confess to Googling ‘deltoids’! It was the shoulder that made the original so appealing so I will be fiddling with the pattern.
      Still giggling about your trampolining comment – no trampoline, just a nutty moment!

  4. Excellent! There is nothing better than making your own copy of a designer original. I’m going to try to remember your post for my DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER, if that’s ok with you!

  5. mrsmole says:

    Can I put in an order for a tunic just like yours, please? No wonder you are jumping for joy…love the color and fit. Also love the new hairstyle without bangs/fringe!

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