Minor progress

I would love to tell you all that I had made seven shirts, multiple pairs of trousers, and three coats since I last reported but it would be a lie. I’m slowing down into autumn and enjoying every minute (apart from those spent sweeping up the leaves in my garden. Grrr) but that isn’t helping with progress. I have been working – but not too much for me – so read on McDuff.

Nell Leftovers

Nell Leftovers

My last post was almost three weeks ago, and I finished by saying I hoped to make quick progress with Nell. Erm…… no. I have cut the main fabric out and overlocked the edges to ensure that when I do eventually get round to any sewing I should still have seam allowances available to work with. As I said previously there was really not enough fabric in this piece to make Nell but I was determined to get it from this fabric. The pieces leftover are really small – no space for any mistakes here. I think that may have made me back off for a little while, but truthfully I can’t explain why I’m not further on. I have

decided that I would like this cape lined rather than just binding all the seams and have even managed to find a fabric from my seemingly bottomless stash that will do the job. I’m still pithering about a binding for the outsides. I have a fabric that wont fray so I may go with strips from that if I can’t find anything I like better.

Style Arc Toni

Style Arc Toni

I did cut out the Toni at the same time and decided to sew that together quickly (there really isn’t much to this project). I’m not entirely certain that I like my dress, although that may be down to my not wearing dresses very often rather than the style itself. I love Toni on other people so I suspect that my uncertainty is down to just not wearing dresses often enough. Perhaps I need to change that. Photographs at a later date with me wearing it but at the minute I am post insomia night and look like death so no chance.

Fabric I didn't need

Fabric I didn’t need

In the gap between posts I had a wonderful day shopping in Birmingham with Naomi from a Facebook ‘Stashbusting’ group. Yes, I can see the problem there too – and as we both left Birmingham with a significant amount of fabric the stash was definitely blown not busted that day. Oh but look at what I bought!

Brilliant brooch

Brilliant brooch

The greeny yellow is a beautiful felted wool which I intend to make into a coat. As it was the end of the roll I got a very good deal on it. I was hesitating about buying such a distinctive colour, and more than a little concerned that it might not ‘go’ with my wardrobe. Can you believe that the colour works with just about everything I have put next to it? Far from not going with some things this colour works withΒ everything! Naomi was searching for fabric to make an outfit for a costume party – that included sparkly stuff and I couldn’t help myself when I saw this brooch. Just look at how nice it looks on the grey fabric – and that ‘goes with everything’ green!

The brown fabric is a lovely single knit jersey which is a great weight for autumn/winter t-shirts and was a mere 50p a metre. Well, you couldn’t turn it down at that price could you? The stripe was the same but is a finer fabric. I haven’t got round to pre-washing these yet – and the stripe may well be simply tucked away for later use – but that brown needs to be used. Now. Well, after I make Nell and that coat….


33 Comments on “Minor progress”

  1. Ann Webber says:

    I would not have resisted that brooch either. Great buy! Ax

  2. I have a coat (charity shop bargain! ) in that greeny colour too and it looks great with pretty much everything. Love the grey dress but like you, I so rarely wear dresses or even skirts. Need to change that!

    • Lucky you getting a bargain! The colour has really astonished me. I’m never going to rule out a loony colour again.
      The dress really does just need a trip out and I’m sure all will be well, but I feel odd in dresses.

  3. mrsmole says:

    We do get out of practice seeing oversells in dresses but it is always worth a try to start in again. Love the new brooch and the green color fabric…eye-catching for sure!

  4. jay says:

    Mmmm the fabrics – I love the lime.

  5. fabrickated says:

    It is fun to get a garment out of just enough (not really enough fabric) but it is also nerve wracking in case of mistakes. Ha ha on the stash busting shopping trip, ah hem. The absolutely only way I can avoid buying fabric is not to go into a fabric shop. If I go in I just have to buy something. One disappointment this week was when looking at some of my wonderful bargain coating was to find all of them had one pesky moth hole in them. This makes the case for not buying any more until I use up what I have (sorry I am using your blog to give myself a talking to Kim!)

    • I’m permanently determined to use stash before I buy anything else – but the fabric I see is just too good to ignore.
      So sad to hear about the moth damage. Feel free to use my blog for a bit of self abuse if you need to!

  6. sewbussted says:

    As I was reading, I was thinking, she is going to find that the yellow/green goes with everything. then I saw you saw the same thing! I find that colors like that are amazing. You are going to love that coat!

  7. Maybe you should wear your new dress tomorrow?…I’m going to wear my 6Nap skirt, just because

  8. Sometimes I have to go outside my usual colours. A lady at work purchased a purple coat today and it is fabulous. I think your green is going to be fabulous too!

  9. 50p a metre for a nice jersey? What an amazing bargain!

    I’ve got some coating that’s a very similar colour to your green one so it’s good to know it’s versatile.

    • Not often you find a pearl but Birmingham rag market does have them occasionally πŸ˜‰
      The green colour has stunned me. I keep putting increasingly ridiculous possibilities by it!

  10. Minor progress is indeed, progress, so good for you! Love that green (reminds me of a lime green/magenta stripe dress [oh it was sooo short] I loved back in the early 70’s) and agree how surprisingly well it goes with just about anything. Pretty, pretty brooch. Will be fabulous with the new coat………. πŸ˜‰

  11. sewruth says:

    I can completely condone your fabric shopping Kim, You need something to fill those ‘retirement’ days. Greeny-yellow is fab fabric and shiney things are just because……..

  12. Fadanista says:

    Clearly Birmingham is worth a visit! I am looking forward to seeing all the things you make!

  13. tialys says:

    I have a couple of things in that colour and, as you say, it is surprisingly versatile. Looking forward to seeing the coat.

  14. Roxane says:

    I can’t believe such fantastic prices–and thanks for putting me on to Demented Fairy!

  15. Thimberlina says:

    A day out shopping in Birmingham with someone from a FB Group called Stashbusting??!!
    That’s so funny – it’s like a weight watchers group going to Harry Ramsdens and having a salad! πŸ˜‰

  16. […] these ‘overlooked pattern’Β  posts. It doesn’t look a million miles away from the Style Arc Toni dress pattern which I have so I might get round to adapting that rather than buying […]

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