Relaxing, and getting things done, is soooo good!

Yes, it’s official – I’m retired  so don’t ask me to do a darned thing!

Actually not quite true yet as I still have a very small amount of client work outstanding – but it’s all work that has no deadline so I can actually do it when I feel like that sort of work rather than feeling obligated. How happy am I! I promise this is the last time I gloat ‘coz  I’m retired . Honest.

Anyway, my last post was a frantic dash to get the Jungle January garments posted before Ann slammed the gate closed so I didn’t tell what else I had been doing so I will start here..

In with my lovely knitting ‘Stitching Santa’ parcel from Jo  was a skein of sock yarn in lovely greens. Clearly since it was my gift I had to knit this for myself. Since I had no other knitting on the needles I decided to start January with this. The yarn was a lovely Superwash wool/nylon sock yarn by Knitglobal which knitted up beautifully into very comfy socks. Thankfully they are also very warm because it has been positively bleak here in the UK. Grey and wet. Yuck! There are another couple of balls of Drops sock yarn so I can start another pair whenever I want. Bliss!


..and back


Butterick 6388 front…

I started sewing with the Butterick 6388 pattern and a cheerful red polka dot jersey because …well, it’s miserable in January! Red always cheers me up. However, I really have to say I prefer this as a top (as it was for JJ in the last post). It’s a great pattern – and I certainly see more of these in the (possibly near) future – but I like the top better. The pockets in the diagonal seams are great but inclined to open up a bit when you are wearing the dress. I may go back and sew these closed. The fabric is far from high quality – probably plain polyester jersey from the Rag Market but I have no recollection as it had been in stash for ages. It does have as much stretch as the pattern claims to need but I would much prefer it to be stretchier as it clings a bit. It may behave better once it has been washed but at the moment it is giving electric shocks as there is so much static!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy next choice was another Rag Market fabric – this was an astonishingly good buy at a mere 50p per yard (or whatever length they were selling in that day) and is a very heavy jersey. I should probably have thought more carefully about that weight when I decided to repeat the wonderful Savage Coco Presto top in it. The front (and as it’s cold I did the back too) is doubled so there is a lot of cloth here. I  really should have put a petticoat under that dress before taking photographs – I don’t usually have a sway back problem so I assume the cloth is just stuck to my tights. I really loved this made up as a top and have worn the ones I made last year Yikes!!! it was 2015 a massive amount. They have every right to be looking a bit shabby now. I’m not sure if I will keep this as a dress or shorten it to a t-shirt length. I’m really not good at wearing dresses but I’m trying so hard. Perhaps you could tell me what you think?

In addition to sewing these for me I have been destroying a whole load of good cotton. I really can’t believe how long it is taking to cut the pieces for The Managements quilt! Sheesh! All that time and I’m going to be spending even more sewing it all back together. Remind me whats great about quilting can you?! I can assure you that progress on this project is going to be outstandingly slow. No, even slower than that.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHaving finished the socks I was knitting I have broken out of my sock addiction to start knitting a pattern by Purl Soho I saw a while back and just loved. At the time there didn’t seem to be many made up (and when I worked out the cost of the yarn recommended I could see why!). The Botanical Yoke pullover is shown made up in Cashmere/Merino which would quite clearly be heavenly to wear. As I hadn’t used a Purl Soho pattern (and as I said there was no information on Ravelry about the pattern at the time) I decided to make it up in a more summer appropriate, and purse friendly, Drops Cotton Light. Again I chose a bright red (what can I say, red just feels good in January) and have been enjoying knitting this whilst watching the telly box. I have the body knitted up to the armholes, and one sleeve started, so it shouldn’t be too long before I hit the exciting part. By knitting in this yarn first it will give me the opportunity to test the pattern, check the size (my guage is pretty much perfect), and decide if I love it enough to invest in the cashmere/merino to make a sweater to treasure. So far it’s looking good.

Already we are almost half way through February so there won’t be massive amounts sewn for me now (although there are patterns lined up ready to use). I do have a shirt cut out for The Management, and I really do want to start my coat before summer so I really should crack on. But, and it’s a big but, I am only sewing when I feel like it at the moment – and that feels really good. I have been reading, cooking, exercising, and clearing some of those jobs you always intend to go but tend to get left.

I’m enjoying life. Hope you are too.

35 Comments on “Relaxing, and getting things done, is soooo good!”

  1. Roxane says:

    Oh, congratulations! And it looks like you are making great use of your time!

  2. karen says:

    Retirement should not engender anxiety. Keep it up. Regenerate. I also think red is the most appropriate colour for winter. I think both dresses look great. Socks look fine to me, but I am not a great judge as I have no clue. We are presently in day 2 of our winter ice shut in,my nephew may come this evening to salt/sand the drive. We might be able to slip slide down the drive but I won’t take the chance. Hope winter is treating you better in the U.K.
    Take care.

    • I’m late replying but I hope you have escaped your ice shut in by now. The UK is just bleak – wet and grey – and rarely gets significant snow or extreme cold but that doesn’t stop us whinging about it!

  3. tialys says:

    That jumper is absolutely gorgeous but high necks don’t do me any favours otherwise I would have definitely nabbed that pattern.
    I like you in dresses with your tights and little boots. I find the right dress -i.e. easy to wear and not overly ‘going out’ in style – a nice change from jeans and tops and I like wearing them with boots in the winter. Pull it over your head and you’re done – no matching up of tops and bottoms.
    Patchwork is an odd thing – most men will ask why cut up perfectly good fabric and join it together again? – but when you see the lovely designs you can make from those pieces of fabric it all makes sense. It’s definitely not a hobby for instant gratification but that’s good sometimes isn’t it?
    It sounds like you are appreciating the early days of retirement and soon you probably won’t know how you ever had time to work 🙂

    • I’m already overfilling time – and not caring a jot. The patchwork conundrum is very strange. I’m the one questioning my sanity whilst The Management is just checking progress every so often! I’m going to be very proud if I ever get to the end of that project 😉
      Consensus seems to be that the dresses look OK. I will persist in wearing until I get used to them.

  4. Thimberlina says:

    Loving your post with lots of happy vibes! You’re looking fab, it certainly suits you this retirement malarkey! 😃

  5. Oh you sound so happy! Busy too…but in a happy way 😀

  6. corrineappleby says:

    I love your spotty dress! In fact I like both of them. I’m not a dress person either but I do like a jumper dress. Getting dressed is so quick and I’m comfortable all day.

  7. Everything looks wonderful!
    Congratulations on your retirement! Feel free to gloat. You earned it:)

  8. CeeJayKay says:

    You are a very talented lady! Wow!!!!

    Enjoy your retirement!!!! I’m trying to convince hubby it’s my time too!!! Watch this space!

  9. Hey, this was really good.. You are very talented and your style of writing is really enticing. Don’t give up!! Maybe you could head over to my blog and see what you think?

  10. CurlsnSkirls says:

    Congratulations on your “career move!” 🎉

  11. sewchet says:

    Retirement obviously suits you – you look fab! Sorry to disillusion you, but I prefer it as a dress and think that style is made for you. Lovin’ the red, particularly!

  12. morganlafayalongtheway says:

    Beautiful knits!

  13. Jo says:

    Congratulations on your retirement, just think of all that extra knitting and sewing time you’ve got now. The socks look great, I’m knitting a short pair for Eleanor at the moment in Knitglobal and I’m really pleased with the yarn, it’s knitting up beautifully.

    • It’s good sewing for myself now. I’m doing more of what I want which is great – and not all craft related. Thanks for the yarn which I really enjoyed knitting (and I still have the Drops yarn to knit 😃).

  14. Carolyn says:

    I’m so glad you’re thoroughly enjoying your retirement! and like the others before me, I like that top as a dress too. Such lovely wintery creations!

  15. You have been very busy for a Lady of Leisure! I love the red, especially on grey days like you (and I) are having. Another favourite is blue – perhaps the colour of a cloudless sky. I am envious of your sock knitting. I attempted knitting once. It didn’t go so well!

  16. […] trip which I bought so I could squeeze another pair of socks out of the hank of sock yarn in my Stitching Santa parcel. I also decided it would be a good opportunity to write the ‘size between’ […]

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