Where is the time going?!

14th of March already! Yikes. I have been enjoying watching the signs of spring arriving here in Bewdley (catkins dancing, lambs prancing)and not noticed just how the days are flying by. I have been working sewing and knitting but really don’t seem to have a lot to show for it. I have also been spending time completing this jigsaw loaned to me by a friend. Yes, we are still friends! I have finished it now but it has taken an age….

An almost impossible jigsaw!

Jersey ‘bits’ from outside

All from Barrys bargain table

I did have a lovely day in Birmingham when I met the lovely Fairy and Glenda for a market trip. It’s almost a month ago so Fairy has probably finished sewing all of her cloth already and mine is still waiting for action. *sigh*

I had intended not to buy any fabric at all since my stash is heaving but I couldn’t resist these pieces. The jersey from the outdoor area was ridiculously cheap and I have no real idea yet what I want to do with it but I really don’t want it hanging round for a long time so I will decide soon. the Barrys bargain fabrics were a bit more substantial. I think I bought 3m of each of these. The brown and grey lengths are slightly stretchy and would make good shirts but would also work on the Lynn Mizono dresses that I want to try out – and at  £2 a metre they wont break my heart if I don’t like them afterward. The black is a textured polyester – a little bit like scuba but a bit less dense – that Fairy and I thought would be worth trying for the bodice on this dress. I already had fabrics for the Mizono patterns I wanted to use but you know how a bargain can lead you astray….

Elastic and easy thread needles


Talking of which, I have a bag with all sorts of lingerie/spsortswear odds and sods in it (including a fair quantity of elastics) but I couldn’t help but buy the red and black fold over elastic. I can’t even remember what it cost but I know it was well worth it! Add it to the bag.

The other item was a bit of experimentation. I bought some of the easy thread needles I have seen around. Have you tried them? I did wonder how the thread didn’t just fall out again but it seems to work! Whilst I’m not quite in need of them on a full time basis yet I can see how they would be useful if you did have difficulty threading up. I tried them out on the shirt I’m working on and they work fine but the top is a bit ‘poky’ and I found I really needed to use a thimble to prevent puncturing my fingers.

When I haven’t been swearing over jigsaw pieces I have done quite a lot of knitting. That gorgeous Botanical Yoke sweater is coming along beautifully – I’m well into the yoke section now so I thought you could have a sneaky peek. It looks amazing – and really isn’t as difficult as I thought it would be (or as it looks!). The Managements quilt is started now but there  really isn’t anything worth showing yet. I know I’m fitting it in around other jobs but I really hadn’t appreciated what I had let myself in for with a full bed size quilt!

A sneaky peek

Hopefully a bit more to show next time I manage to remember where the dashboard is!


26 Comments on “Where is the time going?!”

  1. ooooh priddies! I’m in the sewing doldrums, so haven’t got much finished since our jaunt…I do need another Mizono though- race you!

  2. tialys says:

    That knitting looks gorgeous – can’t wait for the full reveal.
    I have some of those easy thread needles and I use them for hiding multiple thread ends in patchwork, etc. Being easy to thread (hence the name I suppose 😉 ) it’s quick and you can manage it with a shorter length of thread – or two or three threads at a time.
    Did those of us that make quilts make it look easy? We lied. Or, at least I did. I know there are lots of people turning them out at a rate of knots but I’m lucky if I get two or three done a year and, even then, I need some sort of incentive.

    • I knew I had someone to blame for suggesting that quilt as a gift! I’m not sure there will be another but I’m sure lots of enthusiasts said that while making their first! The needles may well be more useful than I thought in view of your comment. Thanks!
      The sweater shouldn’t be long now 😉

  3. Glenda says:

    Well, I managed a cowl necked t shirt out of the knit you gave me and today I started cutting one of the Tilton t shirts using the remnants and some other knits. I haven’t touched the jersey from her outdoors either – except to wash it as parts of it were rather grubby. I had marvellous plans of what to sew but opening another pub has rather taken up my time……

    • I’m supposed to have nothing but time now but I don’t know where it’s going – and I’m not opening anything but post! Well done on your progress – I can see what you’ve done next time we meet up 🙂

  4. Your knitting up another beautiful colour there. I have seen those sewing needles. A lady at work has them for small repair jobs. I was wondering how they worked myself on a big project. Interesting.

  5. sew2pro says:

    Lovely knitting Kim: very squeezable and the colour is so fashionable (I think they call it coral). Once my London marathon training and fundraising is over, it will seem I have so much spare time on my hands that it might be the perfect op to learn to knit.

    But that puzzle!?! How could you?!?

    • Oh VLM! I wondered why you were quiet (or am I not getting your posts?) Keep up the training, and enjoy the run. I’m doing a half in Edinburgh in May.
      The colour is actually a plain ‘bright red’ – the photo isn’t quite accurate – but I love it. Knitting is quite easy – and there are loads of tutorials online. Kate has made amazing progress with her knitting!
      And the puzzle…..yikes.

  6. Sewniptuck says:

    Kim, I just love that ‘botanical’ knit. The pattern rang a bell for me so I searched it and found it on Purl Soho, which is where I’ve been lurking of late, so that makes sense! Its just gorgeous, kinda like a vine trying to choke one, in a good way – I love the sinister implications!
    The easy thread needles had me completely bamboozled as to how or why so if you care to produce a little tutorial… Mwah x

    • Oh! I hadn’t thought about it looking as though it was choking me! How funny 🙂
      The needles are actually good – I will do something in more detail in my next post. Basically the top is open and you just ‘squeeze’ the thread through the (very small) gap rather than through a hole. As the meerkats would say “Simples!”

  7. Gail says:

    That sweater material looks sumptuous. so thick and cozy looking. The color is wonderful as well.

  8. That knitting pattern is amazing!

  9. Jo says:

    Goodness, you’re a glutton for punishment what with that jigsaw and the knitting, you don’t opt for an easy life, do you? I haven’t seen those easy thread needles but I’m so bad at threading, even with glasses, that I always use a needle threader, I couldn’t manage without it.

  10. Fadanista says:

    I am so sorry I didn’t get to Barry’s but will aim to next time. You got some amazing fabrics! Looking forward to seeing what you make with them.

  11. fabrickated says:

    The Botanical is coming along and I am longing to see how it looks. I really love the colour you have chosen. Nearly matches that impossible jigsaw Kim (you really are retired!)

  12. mrsmole says:

    I’m with Kate…the sweater color and the jigsaw are very close! You must be thinking Spring! My knitting skills never went beyond flat and moss stitch…cables…wow! Really interested in seeing that Mizuno dress made up as the black version on the envelope looks like a funeral shroud and really deserves some lively fabrics!

  13. Thimberlina says:

    Some fab additions to the stash, and no doubt from your more recent visit there’s some more too! Loving the knitting, the patrons really different and I bet it’s interesting to knit too. 😃

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