Perfect weather for knitting!

Summer has arrived here in the UK – not sneaking in slowly to give us any opportunity to get used to it but arriving with a BANG! In UK terms it has been unbelievably warm hot for what feels like weeks and there is no sign of rain at all so it can only be a matter of time before someone starts bleating about hosepipe bans. Actually there is a bit of 1976 about this weather……

Anyhoo, the knitting is sticking to the needles at the moment even though I am using talcum powder to try to keep my hands dry. Despite that I have been making progress on the Elizabeth Zimmerman KAL that Kate is hosting. I was determined to knit with what I had in stash – and since there were stripes suggested it gave me the opportunity to go a little wild. The Management said that the sleeves looked like a minor football teams away strip to begin with but changed to just sniggering as they got longer. He now confesses to quite liking them. What do you think? (Be honest – it isn’t going to change things at all and I have broad shoulders so I can take it 😉  )


EZ Mad stripy sleeves

The quilt is making good progress too. I now have all of the ‘done’ section rolled such that all that is left to do shows the finishing line. TM comes in occasionally to check on progress and seems happy. I’m very happy to be in the workroom as it is downstairs and is beautifully cool by comparison with the rest of the house at the moment. I think this will work very well as a solo cover on our bed when it’s as hot as this. Must get a move on and finish the hand quilting so I can get the bindings done.

Almost finished the hand quilting

In the way of delightedly retired people we have also had a few trips out. The first was very local – the newly re-opened Royal Worcester porcelain museum. It was both wonderful and very quiet. If you are in the area it’s worth an hour or so of your time.

We also celebrated a significant Wedding Anniversary recently and had a meal at a lovely place near Abergavenny. Having got that far TM said we might just as well have a couple of nights away in Swansea – ulterior motive already spotted since I knew he wanted to visit the birthplace of Dylan Thomas.

Even if you have absolutely no interest in poetry or Dylan Thomas the house was magnificent. It had been renovated by the current owner (a big Dylan fan) to a brilliant standard and was a joy to wander around. It reminded me a little of an elderly aunts house from my childhood.

The weather was stunning and we enjoyed a wonderful day just wandering around Mumbles, and the on to Rhosilli which was just beautiful. I definitely want to go back and spend longer. I wouldn’t even mind if the weather wasn’t quite so stunning (I did get an uncharacteristic sunburn – I’m usually very very careful as I am so fair skinned). Check out these magnificent views.

I know there was a fair walk to get down onto that fabulous beach but really, it was almost deserted! I’ve been a bit biased about Northumbrian beaches in the past but this one was well up on my favourite beaches list.

It’s been wonderful here (and there!) since my last post – and to top it all I was nominated for a Mystery Blogger Award by Linda who blogs HERE


I will respond to this in another post when I can do it justice. Thank you Linda!

Off now to keep cool do some more hand quilting. Whatever you are doing, and in whatever conditions, I hope you are enjoying it.


24 Comments on “Perfect weather for knitting!”

  1. Northumbrian beaches are spectacular, but that one isn’t shabby at all! 😉
    The kids and I bunked off school last week (with the Head’s blessings) and spent the day on the beach at Lytham St Annes. It was near empty and such a lovely treat. The breeze was a relief from this heat, which is, as you say, so unusual.

    The stripey sleeves are lovely, and the quilt is beautiful. You’re so nearly done!

    And finally, many congratulations on your anniversary!

    • Kim says:

      Far from shabby! I wished that we had planned to stay longer – mid week and not school holidays may account for the space but it was a big enough beach to cope with a crowd. Good on you for playing hookey at Lytham 😉.
      Thanks ‘re both the sleeves and anniversary.

  2. Mumbles is so close to us, but we almost never go down there… mind you, we are on Cardigan Bay so there doesn’t seem like much point. Next time, you’ll have to go to Laugharne

  3. I can’t believe a beach that beautiful is empty! Glad you’re enjoying some of everything!

    • Kim says:

      I know! We were very lucky to have such a fabulous day doing just what we wanted.
      I’m certainly aware of just how lovely my life is and I’m not taking it for granted 😃

  4. CJ says:

    BEAUTIFUL beach!!! wow! and i LOVE those stripes!!!!
    It has been hot… you’d think that as i come from a hot country I would be coping well… shock horror… I have found it REALLY HOT! Loving it but can’t believed I lived with it for 10 months a year… like how??? My grass is brown, can’t water it as i would use NOTTS reserves and it would take me days! 😦
    CANT wait to be retired myself… what a joy! enjoy enjoy!

    • Kim says:

      The grass will recover quickly after a good raining on. The garden is looking very dry – and this is probably the neatest it’s been in years so I’m actually a bit peeved to have to water all the new plants 😂.
      Retirement has lots to recommend it. Not everyone seems to feel that way but I’m having a ball!

  5. Oh I like the dinosaur mug and plate. It’s too hot isn’t it, we just aren’t used to it here.

    • Kim says:

      Yup, I wouldn’t mind it raining just for one day just to feel normal again. I’m lucky to have my cool work room to skulk off to.
      I thought the dinosaur was a kangaroo – who knows but I won’t say anything if I go back to the museum 😂

  6. Congrats to you both on your special anniversary, and what a beautiful place to mark the occasion. I love those stripy sleeves 🙂

    • Kim says:

      Thanks Chica! We were very happy with our choice of location. Lunch at The Walnut Tree near Abergavenny was wonderful – worth a visit if you are in the locale but you need to book. After 40 years we felt we deserved the treat 😉.
      I’m really happy with the way the jumper is coming along. Hardly classy but I don’t care.

  7. tialys says:

    I remember 1976 too – the only year I can think of in the U.K. where people could actually plan ahead for picnics, barbecues, etc. knowing (or almost) that it wouldn’t rain. It has turned hot here too but last night we had a massive storm with hail the size of big marbles which smashed all our plants to shreds 😦

    • Kim says:

      It’s like that at the moment – no sign of rain for the foreseeable. So sad to hear that the storm damaged your plants. We are still watering like maniacs – I think The Management would welcome a garden destroying storm 😉

  8. Fadanista says:

    I always find myself knitting furiously in the warm/hot weather! I’m so pleased that the Royal Worcester Museum is open. I used to love prowling round the seconds area in the RW shop and have a large collection of their china.

    • Kim says:

      Did you ever visit the shop in Worcester that had loads for sale chucked into boxes and baskets like jumble? Sadly no longer there.
      I’m struggling with knitting as the needles seem to want to hold onto the stitches. I didn’t expect to be hoping for just one cool day for a break 😕.

  9. mrsmole says:

    Love the china, love the beaches and the knitting…how I envy you being retired!!!! I have to chuckle when all our UK relatives have been moaning about 82 degrees in the North of England…what I would have given for a decent warm and sunny day during the 8 years I lived there! Next thing you know they will slap a hose pipe ban on you and you won’t feel like knitting cozy sleeves or anything else until October. Love that teapot…what a conversation starter and family heirloom.

    • Kim says:

      We are certainly enjoying life – and the weather! Driving yesterday with the temperature showing 31.5C wasn’t great but I can live with it. I remember ’76 and all that went with it so I’m expecting to have water restrictions soon (despite the volume of rain this spring!).

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