Past the finishing post……

….. at least for The Managements quilt. You might remember that this was started an age ago, took way longer than I expected to cut and sew the topper, and I gained speed whilst hand quilting the layers together listening to audio books from the library. I finished this a little while ago but circumstances have been such that I didn’t get a photograph. So here it is. Ta dah!

He is happy with it – honest!

As you may recall this was inspired by the Bridget Riley picture ‘Nataraja’. Himself chose the fabric for the topper, and I was left to make something that looked a little like the original – but not a ‘faithful copy’. I’m pretty happy with this as my first attempt at quilting, and although I’m in no hurry to repeat the experience I’m no longer totally averse to the idea.

The circumstances I referred to earlier have been that my mum has been in hospital for about five to six weeks and was unable to go back to the circumstances she was living in before. Cue a mad rush to redecorate and carpet a little apartment in an extra care facility with five days to complete the work and have enough of her belongings moved in for her to get by. And then empty her bungalow.

Wow. She has always been very clean and tidy so it came as a complete shock to discover that every cupboard and drawer had been filled to busting. It turned out to be a much bigger job than my sister and I expected. Despite that I have enjoyed my time with my sister, and visits laden down like a pack horse to mum with extra stuff. I’m pleased to say she is in and fairly comfortable now – and has already tested out the care staff by falling off the bed! They responded admirably so I know we have made the right decision.

I had been getting on well with the EZKAL from Kates blog but that came to a total halt when I needed to go to Northumberland. It was, in fact, just after I had discovered that the raglan decreases were a bit too slow across the front for me and that I need to pull the bodice section out and start again once I have done some calculations. I realised that if I got to the width I wanted I would lose the opportunity to have a boat neckline rather than a jewel neckline. I did take a picture to check it so I will show my progress so far. I’m pretty happy with how it’s looking, and have already agreed to make another for my daughter in yarn from stash in a strawberry pink and off white.

Too much front width

I’m actually starting to itch to sew now – I keep looking at fabrics in the stash with a view to getting started. I also want to make some cushion covers for my front room (I already have the fillers). I wonder what will win?

Anyway, a word about stash – and all those other things we hoard. After my experience this last couple of weeks I will be clearing some of mine out and I suggest you look closely at yours – unless you want your kids to curse you when it comes for them to do it!

I promise a less rushed post next time. In the meantime enjoy your days – whatever you have planned.


21 Comments on “Past the finishing post……”

  1. Glad you got your mother settled safely. I know what it’s like cleaning up your parents’ possessions. Right after I finished with my parents’ stuff I right away went through our own. Unfortunately my husband is a bit of a pack rat so there was only so much I could do. Maybe I’ll try again someday. The quilt is lovely and HUGE. That was definitely a lot of work. Just FAB!

  2. Sewniptuck says:

    Love your, errrm, his quilt, well done. Not sure if I ever mentioned it, I started a Gryffindor quilt for our son when he was 8yo, Princess pulled it out of the packing last week and asked if it would ever be finished!! I feel the colours are a bit dated now though. Nice jumper. I was only mentioning the art of hoarding to my co-worker at Red Cross yesterday. People bring in bags and boxes of all sorts of rubbish they just cannot bare to part with. We generally just toss a lot of it in the bin. For your readers- if you wouldn’t buy it, nor will anyone else! Mould and decade old stains are not endearing! Hope your Mum is on the mend xx

    • Kim says:

      Don’t give my daughter ideas – Gryffindor quilt would be pounced on there! Finish it!
      I think many people find it easier to allow other people to throw their garbage away. Having said that I’m always surprised at what some people will buy…
      Most of mums difficulties are due to her osteoporosis and the pain management that goes with that so I’m afraid it’s management now rather than repair.

      • Sewniptuck says:

        Oh osteoporosis is a nightmare, sorry to hear that. Totally agree about garbage, my husband’s family ‘keep’ stuff for us that we just toss straight in the bin – and I’d consider myself fairly good at repurposing!!

  3. What an amazing quilt!

    I hope your mum has settled in well.

  4. tialys says:

    Woohoo! Well done you for finishing the quilt despite your initial misgivings. It’s fantastic and I think you should definitely come back to the world of patchwork and quilting in the future – once the memory of all that hand quilting has faded a little 😉
    My Mum moved to a flat on a retirement complex about a year after my Dad died and the worst bit was clearing out the house they’d lived in for nearly 40 years. That did mean though that her flat wasn’t too cluttered when we had to go through it last year. I definitely gave some thought to my own house and workroom (yikes!) after that but haven’t done anything about it yet apart from being more careful about what I buy and occasionally loading up the boot with stuff to take to the charity shop or the bins.

    • Kim says:

      I actually enjoyed the hand quilting – it was the piecing I found a bit ‘why?’
      Mum has certainly done my own daughter a huge favour – there’s no way I want her to have to do all that. However I do have lots of progress to make there 😉

  5. I love making quilts by hand through the whole process, but it’s not for everyone! It looks stunning. So sorry to hear about your poor mum, difficult for you all. I hope it goes well for the family.

    • Kim says:

      I was surprised how much I enjoyed the hand quilting bit – very relaxing!
      It’s mums birthday today and she sounds happier. It was clear initially that the change was a struggle for her but she’s adapting.

  6. Fadanista says:

    Such a good feeling to finish a big job, and it’s so wonderful that it must feel extra good. Well done you!

  7. amcclure2014 says:

    Nice quilt. I’m glad you mother has settled in. I’ve recently helped my mother move into sheltered accommodation and despite the fact that she had only been in her previous accommodation just over a year after downsizing from her own home, found an incredible clutter – she just couldn’t cope with it. I include impossible to fill out forms – she is registered blind – that she didn’t trust anyone else to help her with. That made us see how much we need to reduce our clutter so the girls don’t have to deal with it. We’re both hoarders, though!

  8. sewruth says:

    Now, that is quilt to be proud of, no doubt about it – keep it. Well done.
    Life continually provides us with ‘interesting’ diversions and I trust everything will be fine with yours.

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