Knitting…… but no sewing

I haven’t done any sewing since my last post – I had every intention of starting to sew my coat for this winter but I got diverted. I’m blaming the lovely Sheila from Sewchet who I follow on Instagram

More explanation needed. Sheila posted a beautiful book that she had made. Yes – made. She gave the link to the LearnBookbinding site where she bought the materials and instructions. I love a new challenge, and this looked intriguing.

Well with a solo day coming up that I knew I could use to concentrate on this I made my order and settled back to wait for delivery. And wait. Sadly the kit didn’t arrive until after my intended day but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience once I got another free day after its arrival. Check these out! (Sorry if you’ve already seem them on Instagram)


I was thrilled with the results and have every intention of making more. They are fairly time consuming but I wouldn’t describe them as particularly difficult. Addictive perhaps.

I also finished a jumper I had been knitting for what seemed like … ever. It is the Sunray Ribbing Jumper by Susan Crawford which I found on Ravelry and is something of a departure from my style but I liked it so……

This is a vintage style, and as such it is a fairly close fit. I don’t really wear close fit so though I’m pleased with the results it feels a bit strange. I’m sure I’ll get used to it but for the minute you get flat lay photos. One of the things I loved was the points round the neckline. I didn’t change anything much though I did omit the short back buttoned opening.  Very much of its time so perfect in the design but I was sure I could get this over my head without and thought this colour might prove a challenge to get buttons I liked.


The yarn was bought in that massive haul I brought back from WRE which was a while ago so it felt good to use almost all of it. There’s more yarn to be used  from that day but we’ll gloss over that. This was a cashmere mix that is a discontinued Rowan yarn and is lovely directly against my skin – just as well since that’s how this is designed to be worn. The design looks very impressive and wasn’t anything like as difficult to knit as it appears.

Hopefully I will get that coat started now and have some sewing to show you next time.

Until then keep sewing/knitting/or whatever floats your boat 😁


17 Comments on “Knitting…… but no sewing”

  1. sewbussted says:

    Love the sweater! I think that once you give it a go, you’ll really enjoy it.
    The books are so delightful. I missed them on Instagram.

  2. CurlsnSkirls says:

    Love that sweater! And am amazed with your book binding

  3. Sewniptuck says:

    Lovely jumper Kim, what a gorgeous colour. I have made a couple of books in the past also, ‘‘twas a little hard on the hands from memory? Something about Japanese method?? They make great gifts for Christmas.
    We’ve moved into our new house and yay, no more moving for us! The Princess was bemoaning not being able to find a pair of black trousers that fit, so yesterday I busted out my sewjo! Just like a good day at golf, I’m back behind the wheel!! Funny how getting the fly front in brought a smile to my dial, the sheer joy of seeing it work. Xx

    • Kim says:

      I’m making a batch for the art class Christmas fair – I have a production line going at the minute so no sewing for me!
      Good to hear that you are back on the horse. Sometimes it takes someone else to get you going again. Well done Princess. I hope you’re very happy in your new home Lesley 😘

  4. The books are really impressive! As is the sweater. The rib looks lovely.

    • Kim says:

      It’s lovely playing with a new craft. I’m sure the crazy satisfaction with every book will wear off eventually.
      The sweater hasn’t been worn yet. Maybe I need to make some new trousers to go with it 😉

  5. tialys says:

    Love the books but don’t tempt me with yet another craft!!
    The ribbed jumper is lovely – I do wear fitted clothes – and the burnt orange colour is right ‘on trend’ (allegedly).. Hopefully you’ll get comfortable wearing it soon.

  6. Gorgeous books and I’m in love with that sweater, stunning colour and the neckline is so beautiful!

  7. violawv says:

    Kim, I’m so sorry this is random. I’m going to make the Welsh Fisherman’s smock and don’t see the dimensions for the collar and gusset. Should I just wing it?

  8. I love the sweater! I just saved one on Ravelry that has a Rockabilly style, but I’m not good enough at knitting to attempt it yet. The book binding is beautiful too. I’ve made wet felt notebook covers before. Great gifts!

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