A bit of unselfish sewing

I don’t sew for other people any more. At all. No exceptions …..   apart from family.

When my naughty little sister came to stay a while back she managed to make off with some sports gear I had made but I prevented her from liberating my orange Stacie jeans jacket. But only by promising to make her one of her own. I knew I had some suitable denim which I bought years ago in the Birmingham rag market – a very lucky find –  in my stash so I could even clear a bit of space by doing it. She even approved of my choice of Apple green. Hurrah!

I spent a bit of time making it look all pretty on the inside (like the leopard jacket) using the leftover lining from my Patrones coat. Sadly I forgot to take a picture, and even the finished picture I took wasn’t a particularly good one but I’m afraid it will have to do. You’ll have to take my word that the innards looked very nice.


The Management was up in Northumberland last weekend so he was able to deliver it, and she has since confirmed that it fits (we basically have interchangeable wardrobes these days so I was confident it would) and she likes it. Phew.

This is the fourth Stacie I have made now – there’s the orange, the black, the (fabulous) leopard, and now the green – which got me thinking about how often we use patterns. I don’t think I have many which are better used than this but I have many still waiting for action. It’s very easy to get carried away when you see a fabulous garment that someone else is blogging and buy the pattern with every intention of making it post haste ….. and then life gets in the way.

So ….. I am going to set an intention here to use one unused pattern a month for the rest of this year. Anyone want to join me?


21 Comments on “A bit of unselfish sewing”

  1. Sarah Goodman says:

    Absolutely, I have many unused patterns, too many unused patterns, actually the same applies to materials!

  2. Gorgeous. I really admired your other versions too!

    I’m tempted to join you for the unused pattern thing but I don’t sew that fast these days 🙂 I am trying to use the pattern stash I have rather than adding to it though so I’m with you in spirit!

    • Kim says:

      I think it’s a common problem. I have a ridiculous amount of patterns (and fabric) so I really need to address it -and one a month doesn’t seem too great a target for a retired person 😉

  3. hell yes- most of my unused ones are Style Arc I think, I used to use them all the time but right now I’m falling back on others. Interesting idea [and GORGEOUS jacket] I need me another Stacie!

  4. tialys says:

    That’s a very cool jacket you’ve made for your sister – a perfect spring colour too.
    I would join you in your unused pattern quest but one garment a month is a bit of an ask for me at the moment due to other ‘distractions’, plus I haven’t got that many unused patterns, just plenty of unused fabric 🙄

    • Kim says:

      She seems happy (and I’d she wasn’t I’d have another Stacie 😉) and I love the colour too.
      No need to do one a month – just what you can. I know you’re very busy at present.

  5. mrsmole says:

    Fabulous color and construction! I know that your sister is so special to you and it is lovely to be able to share clothes and make essential pieces for her wardrobe too. The only thing I keep making is a pants pattern for my client Nancy…one day, one day I will be able to join in the fun! My brides yesterday told me to start making washable face masks but all I could imagine were lace ones but they all looked like Barbara Eden in “I dream of Jeannie”…more belly dancing that medical…ha ha.

    • Kim says:

      My sister is a very special person – not just for me. She really is lovely, and it’s a treat to do something for someone who is so appreciative. I know it will be worn and enjoyed.
      I know you will enjoy it when you escape from bridal! It has taken a while for me to really enjoy sewing again but I think I’m there now. I really can’t imagine sewing face masks – but I’m enjoying the mental image of your lace versions 😂. Stay well my friend.

  6. sew2pro says:

    ‘Tis a noble endeavour and like Catherine I’ll join you in spirit but wouldn’t be able to keep up the rate of one garment a month, never mind blog about it. Also I have a burning desire to knit weekdays as it’s easier to pick up on and off rather than set up the sewing machine.

    Love the jacket by the way!

    • Kim says:

      I agree that knitting is easier to take up and leave again. I usually have something on the needles. I don’t expect anyone to be putting themselves under pressure to sew – that’s not fun! If you can use one orphan pattern then it’s a win 😊.

  7. Ann Webber says:

    Swish! Your sister is a lucky shelia! Love your new goal but have you ever thought… there might be a reason you haven’t made some of those patterns… good luck! A x

    • Kim says:

      She knows! You are right that some of the patterns in the unused pile are ‘past their moment’ or just a flat out mistaken buy but there are a number that I can’t work out why I haven’t made them already. It will be good to use some of the latter.

  8. I’d love to join this challenge!! 🤩

  9. favym says:

    That’s the good thing about a nice classic pattern that fits well! Good inspiration to keep using them.

  10. Leif Price says:

    Cery cool jacket! I bet your sister loved it!

  11. Leif Price says:

    Very cool jacket! I bet your sister loved it!

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