Strange times

These truly are strange times. I’m fairly happy being restricted to house rules but I’ve had one or two dodgy days so have enormous sympathy for those who are finding this difficult.

I’m still keeping pretty busy, lots of projects that have been planned for ‘ever’  are rising to the surface – but like many people who can sew I’m making scrubs for the NHS.

I know there have been queries as to why they are so short of scrubs and saw an excellent explanation by a doctor on Facebook today. As she pointed out (and I confess hadn’t occurred to me) anyone in the hospitals who would have previously worn their own clothes is now wearing them as their own clothing is unlikely to cope with the 60degree washes deemed  necessary. Makes sense. There was more to it than that but that was the heart.


Anyway, I have been using a zero waste pattern which has been shared by Danielle Elsener of Decode. It might take a little longer to sew than some scrubs but is elegantly fitted into the fabric to create the garments without the tons of scrap you get from some patterns. The pattern is available here. I’m not able to spend all day sewing like I did in my past, nor so I want to, but if I can contribute to help the medics I’m happy to do so.


I’m also started on a new jumper – the second incarnation of the Purl Soho Ribbed Raglan Pullover. The yarn is from a jumper I made way back in 2014 and blogged here. I always loved the design but this yarn knitted up a bit lacking in substance, it always felt a bit feeble. As a result it hasn’t been worn much so I’m unravelling it quietly in my work room out of the way of The Management – he gets unreasonably upset by me pulling out something he knows has taken a fair time to knit. I already know from the little I have got done so far that I’m much happier with the way this is knitting up.

Between sewing, knitting, gardening, and general domestic dark arts my time seems to  be very well filled. Add to that yoga and art classes using Zoom  and I’m sorted. It will be good to get out and see friends again – I think The Management will be happy for me to have another victim to hug.

The other thing I’ve been doing this week is sharing crosswords long distance with Celia of Fig Jam and Lime Cordial. She has been starting them in Sydney and then sending me photos of the grid and clues to see how much I can do. Between us we’ve been doing pretty well, and it has made me feel much less isolated. Who knew that I would gain this from blogging!


17 Comments on “Strange times”

  1. Interesting! I like the look of that zero waste pattern…but as I already have several printed, it is rather wasteful to print more lol…good for you finding it though! I’m finding the ideal batch size is about 6. Feasible to do in chunks of sewing without getting too brain dead, and a satisfying number to add to the total each time!
    A workmate is having a sprog in September, so I’ve even orderded some yarn to do some baby knitting if my hands will let me…a rare event.

  2. PS I’m a whizz at cryptic crosswords if you get stuck…

  3. Love you, hon! Thank you for knowing the answers to all the hard clues! And good on you for sewing scrubs – it really does make sense that they’d run short given the need to wash constantly. Did you have to buy a particular specified fabric, or were you able to dip into your stash? xx

  4. tialys says:

    I love the colour of the greenish yarn you’re using. It’s very similar to one I started knitting my cabled cardigan with. If I’m honest, I’m never going to complete a fully cabled cardigan with fine(ish) wool so I ought to use it for something a bit simpler (and quicker).
    I see you were successful in putting the yarn bowl on your Christmas/Birthday list as I suggested – or did you have to treat yourself to it in the end?

    • Kim says:

      I bought it myself when I bought one for my sister for Christmas! Sneaky but ensured I got it (and she loves hers with the little wren design).
      I was hooked by the colour! This is a Rowan Tweed and it will be the third time I’ve knitted this yarn up. I’m pretty sure this is going to be the successful attempt 😀

  5. Roxane says:

    I think it is very sweet that The Management hates to see you frog. And good luck with the crossword!

    Very interesting about the scrub shortage. Haven’t heard about that one over here—yet.

  6. Well done on making scrubs, and putting in extra effort to avoid waste too. The less scraps the better!
    I’m with your husband on the frogging- I just can’t do it to a finished knit😆. I usually find a new owner instead.
    I’m getting better at frogging back during a project though – the one I’m making at the minute meant undoing 2 sleeves to start again and it took me a few days to work up to it😁

    • Kim says:

      It’s annoying to have to do it at any time but I just can’t best to see this yarn being wasted – it was expensive!

  7. Fadanista says:

    I’ve been wondering about the scrubs. We haven’t had any call for them here, nor masks, except our own. Mark is just the same when I undo something. He gets most upset! He becomes convinced after a while though. Looking forward to seeing the next iteration of your yarn!

    • Kim says:

      I think every country seems to have different needs/rules and I don’t mind making some.I’m staying away from the Facebook competitiveness – I really can’t be doing with that.
      The new incarnation is working out very nicely so I’m pretty sure this is the last time I’ll be knitting this yarn!

  8. Nice to hear you are well! I think everyone has a difficult day sometimes. I am so happy I can reach out and see what others are sewing and doing. We also get to talk to the kids and family on the phone, or text or FaceTime or whatever, so I know they are all doing well. Keep busy and keep safe!

    • Kim says:

      Thanks Linda. Everyone is adapting in their own way to the situation. I’m having a slightly sticky spot at the moment but I know it will pass. Stay well 😊

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