I haven’t started any more sewing but have been having a gentle sort out in my work room. I no longer want the patterns below so if anyone in the UK would like me to post them any (Or all!) of the patterns shown please comment.

They may or may not have been used at some time but I’m fairly confident of all pieces being in the envelopes.

The supplies for my boilersuit have now been gathered, fabric dyed, and I’m ready to start. I just need some sewing enthusiasm. Anyone know where that can be obtained?I


18 Comments on “Patterns”

  1. Lina says:

    Hi Kim, I have been in the sewing slumps myself, so I know how sad it feels. I have no idea how to get out, you just wake up one day and feel ready to sew again, as if you’ve never stopped.
    Now, while going through the stash of fabric I’d love to make that Vogue Trench and also have a go at a swimsuit pattern- think it will be fun

    • Kim says:

      I made this a good while ago and loved it. I can recommend spending the extra to have the belts made professionally – I’ve used Harlequin who have never disappointed.

  2. Liz Haywood says:

    Sorry I don’t have too many thoughts either on the ebb and flow of sewing enthusiasm, except to say that one must do what one feels like doing.
    I do find that a workroom sort out sometimes helps, as does a sewing machine service.
    Hope it comes back for you 🙂

  3. Verona Woodhouse says:

    I would love the Vogue dress 1749 where there is a band of black and a band of white. Happy to send you paypal postage

  4. Verona says:

    Kim, I left a comment saying that I would love the Vogue 1749 – I love the colour block black and white. Verona Woodhouse Station House Catton Hexham NE47 9QF

    Regards, Verona

  5. tialys says:

    I’m sure your sewing enthusiasm will come back. A project will grab your imagination and you’ll be off. Then you can return to your boiler suit.
    I have half a basset hound’s face on my work table – I’ve lost the enthusiasm to needle felt and those big eyes keep looking at me reproachfully every time I go in the workroom. Maybe I’ll start on a different dog or try a cat for a change.

    • Kim says:

      I can’t imagine how difficult being reproached by an unfinished basset hound must be!
      Hopefully we will both be back on track soon.

  6. SewRuthieStyle says:

    Hi Kim, I would be interested in the Jean Jacket M5860 and the Shorts 4896. I am in the UK regards Ruthie

  7. I find cleaning the sewing machine works for me. Hope the mojo returns very soon!

  8. Glenda says:

    Hi Kim, I’m in the sewing clothes doldrums as well!! We moved into our new to us house just before lock down and I’ve now got my sewing room set up almost as I want it – still rearranging and reacquainting myself with forgotten projects and stuff. Boy have I got lots of stuff!! I’ve made masks, i-phone and tablet stands, table mats etc but I can’t get enthused over anything else. Seems ages since we met up last and I can’t see a rag market meet in the foreseeable future either. (sad face emoji!!). I usually get enthused after I meet with you and Elaine and see what you’re both wearing!! Hope your mojo strikes soon!! Love, Glenda

  9. Tia Dia says:

    That teddy bear set of patterns is completely adorable! I have never seen those in any of my Vogue haunts. Too cute!

    • Kim says:

      They are fairly old but totally unused. When your kids are small enough to appreciate teddies you generally don’t have time to make them 🙄

  10. cathytremain says:

    The last days of summer are always the hardest to find the mojo for projects . Don’t be too hard on yourself and one morning soon, you will wake, make coffee and head to the sewing machine to start. Good luck with this. the teddy’s look like great fun!

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