The Art of Dressing


I decided I deserved a treat after completing my coat, and having got down a blog reading rabbit hole I discovered this book recommendation at a new blog to me – The Craft of Clothes .

This was found via that fount of all sorts of wonderful things dressmaking/craft related – Sue  the Fadanista. She has been pattern testing some of Liz Haywoods (for this is who writes the blog) zero waste patterns.

These intrigued me, and I have more ordered her soon to be released book from Amazon. While I was there I also found this book on the marketplace for £8 and couldn’t resist. I have to say that I wasn’t able to get it from the library or I would have ordered it from them.

I spent a wonderful afternoon leafing my way through this book. It has plenty of text but truthfully it’s the sort of book that you can enjoy simply by enjoying the photographs. The ladies featured are all incredibly individual (think Iris Apfel) and whilst I admire the style enormously there’s no way I could carry it off.

I’d you have a book token going begging, or are fortunate enough to have a library carrying a copy of this book, I think you could spend some time enjoying this.

Oh by the way, if I ever need a change of name I really fancy being Tziporah. Who wouldn’t after being Kim?

Greetings in 2020

Yes, I went missing again. I seriously considered shelving my blog but I find it useful to look back at what I did to patterns, and the feedback I get from out there helps with my direction. Also it seemed mean to use other people’s blogs for inspiration and not reciprocate so here I am.

In my last post I said I was about to start a coat – but as you can see I haven’t got far.

The pattern is from Patrones issue 380, and is allegedly designed by Guess. The fabric is fairly deep stash boiled wool bought in Birmingham in October 2016. Time it was used 🙄. I knew if I made a toile I would probably grind to a halt again so this was cut directly into fabric before Christmas, and the interfacing ironed into place shortly after that. I even got a few major seams done between Christmas and New Year so I could try on for fit. And stopped.

Seeing this waiting is acting as a log jam against some other ideas I have so I’m putting it out there to shame me into finishing it. I have a full day available tomorrow (provided I don’t spend an age reading the Sunday papers) so I should see good progress by tomorrow night. Hopefully.



I have been enjoying the art group I attend weekly. It’s wonderful being among like minded people and just playing. We are all exhausted by the end of the day but mostly it’s a happy tired. We made marbled paper before Christmas and I brought some home to try book binding. Sadly the pieces weren’t big enough to use as end papers (like in some old books) but I think they look pretty good as covers 🙂.

I hope you’re being more productive than I, but next time I hope to have real progress to show. Bye for now!

Knitting…… but no sewing

I haven’t done any sewing since my last post – I had every intention of starting to sew my coat for this winter but I got diverted. I’m blaming the lovely Sheila from Sewchet who I follow on Instagram

More explanation needed. Sheila posted a beautiful book that she had made. Yes – made. She gave the link to the LearnBookbinding site where she bought the materials and instructions. I love a new challenge, and this looked intriguing.

Well with a solo day coming up that I knew I could use to concentrate on this I made my order and settled back to wait for delivery. And wait. Sadly the kit didn’t arrive until after my intended day but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience once I got another free day after its arrival. Check these out! (Sorry if you’ve already seem them on Instagram)


I was thrilled with the results and have every intention of making more. They are fairly time consuming but I wouldn’t describe them as particularly difficult. Addictive perhaps.

I also finished a jumper I had been knitting for what seemed like … ever. It is the Sunray Ribbing Jumper by Susan Crawford which I found on Ravelry and is something of a departure from my style but I liked it so……

This is a vintage style, and as such it is a fairly close fit. I don’t really wear close fit so though I’m pleased with the results it feels a bit strange. I’m sure I’ll get used to it but for the minute you get flat lay photos. One of the things I loved was the points round the neckline. I didn’t change anything much though I did omit the short back buttoned opening.  Very much of its time so perfect in the design but I was sure I could get this over my head without and thought this colour might prove a challenge to get buttons I liked.


The yarn was bought in that massive haul I brought back from WRE which was a while ago so it felt good to use almost all of it. There’s more yarn to be used  from that day but we’ll gloss over that. This was a cashmere mix that is a discontinued Rowan yarn and is lovely directly against my skin – just as well since that’s how this is designed to be worn. The design looks very impressive and wasn’t anything like as difficult to knit as it appears.

Hopefully I will get that coat started now and have some sewing to show you next time.

Until then keep sewing/knitting/or whatever floats your boat 😁


July Round-up

Back again – and still in an uber relaxed frame of mind with what seemed like very little done until I decided to start a post. My sewing mojo is still missing but I’m assuming that it’s a reaction to being obliged to ‘sew to order’ for so long. It will be back. I think.

The Management and I spent a lovely few days early in the month in London. This had been planned for an age so the fact that I was hobbling around in a protective boot wasn’t going to stop us – we just rejigged the plans a bit.


What noise does rain make?

We started with a  trip to the London Transport Museum. This was largely for himself but I really enjoyed it. This was helped by there being a lovely art exhibition called ‘Sounds of the City’. Loads of gorgeous pictures but I particularly liked this one – I’m still wondering what noise rain would make when you drag something across it. Any ideas?


What no seagulls!?

The other great find was a picture depicting my closest city – Worcester! I’m a bit put out that the resident inland seagulls aren’t in there – they are definitely one of the most obvious noises almost anywhere in Worcester. They seem to be moving into Bewdley too so it sometimes sounds as though you are at the seaside here too. More pictures in the Flickr album.


The following day was spent almost entirely at the V&A. We had members early entry into the Pink Floyd exhibition. This was well worth booking – and almost worth paying membership just to get in on a quiet time. The Management really enjoyed this, and I was surprised quite much I enjoyed too. I can’t claim to be the biggest Floyd fan – I do enjoy the music but it’s rarely something I pick out myself – but I thoroughly  enjoyed the whole ‘art and music’ ethos that they seem to have. I have put more photographs onto my Flickr page here but for a quick squint here are three of my favourites. You have until 1st October if you want to get along to see this.

Obviously as I was at the V&A I wasn’t going to miss the current Balenciaga exhibition. The Management went off to do his own thing while I spent time in here. I had just read the wonderful book Balenciaga, The making of a Master  (HOW MUCH FOR THE BOOK !?!) so I was looking forward to seeing the actual garments. Sadly my pictures weren’t great but I have put a few here, and again a link to more on Flickr.

It was pretty busy, and I was still in my boot, so I was running out of steam by the end of this exhibition. There were some fabulous garments – and videos running to show the method of cutting the patterns or adding the hidden support. All of the downstairs was dedicated to the man himself and was wonderful. Lots of inspirational garments – something which was born out when I got upstairs and found it full of garments inspired by him. Some were too close to being a ‘copy’ in my opinion but many were absolutely gorgeous – and although very different you could see the influence there. My favourite was probably the almost unwearable ‘snake dress’ – how gorgeous is that?( I won’t be offended if you say not at all!). The exhibition is going to be in place until February 2018 so I am hoping to be able to go again and maybe get more out of another visit.


A brace of Presto Popovers

Any sewing yourself Kim? Well actually yes. But only a little bit. I have been wearing a load of t-shirts (well, not just t-shirts if I’m honest) that are a bit too big and I have been getting a bit fed up about it. After all, I’m a bl**dy dressmaker! Anyhoo, I knew I had this fine jersey in the stash which had been waiting an unreasonable time to be made up and decided it was time. These have both been worn and washed multiple times now. Having a couple of well fitting t-shirts now just makes me aware of how big the others are. Prepare for a major clear out.

That has been the only sewing I have done but I have actually done a fair quantity of knitting and have finished the Purl Soho Circular Yoke Summer Shirt. I used the cashmere yarn set that I bought at Colourmart a while back and I have to say I love it. It was a joy to knit (two strands at once makes it 4 ply) and was so light it seemed to last forever. In fact I had intended to blend the colours up through the yoke but ended up making it all in the mulberry colour. Sadly I have just realised I don’t have a picture so you will have to take my word for the moment about how lovely it is.

As a fabulous finale to the month I went here…….


Can you see what I see?

…….to meet someone very special.


NO….not a bear!

No. I didn’t go on a bear hunt – I was searching a very different and altogether more secretive animal. More news in my next post.


Good dressmaking book

Between sewing and other jobs I had a trip to a library in the next town to my own. Only 3 miles away – nothing like some of my American blog friends have to cope with (Hi Bev!). Now this library always seems more appealing than my own home library. Why would that be?

Anyway, while I was there I picked up a copy of ‘Dressmaking to flatter your shape’ by Lorna Knight. I didn’t really check it before I had it scanned out, but I have really had a good look since then. A really good look.

This book give such a lot of good, straightforward, sensible advice you want it to be your Auntie. Lorna Knight covers some very elementary stuff in a non-condescending way, but follows with sections on adapting patterns to solve all sorts of problems – but in the sort of way that you might hope to find but rarely do. Bust adaptions are all together, as are sleeves, as are…. you get the idea. Even if you have sewn for some time this is a useful resource.

Whilst this book would be a brilliant ‘go to’ handbook for a beginner there is enough content to make it very useful for any sewer. I checked out all of the adaptions and found variations on the way I usually do things which I will be trying out in the future.

Even if you don’t want to actually spend the money and buy a book I would strongly recommend you have a trip to the library – maybe even a strange library – and see what they have to offer. You might find a copy of this to borrow. You might find something completely different but equally wonderful. If you do don’t forget to tell us about it!

Pattern Magic (Stretch Fabrics) at Morley

I can report that I had a truly wonderful day at Morley College on Saturday on the Pattern Magic Stretch Fabrics course – with another day lined up this Saturday. This course is designed to help us through the mysteries that are within Pattern Magic Stretch Fabrics, and is more than ably taught by Monisola Omotoso who informed us that we would be making three patterns that day. It was hard not to think she was being over ambitious – but guess what? All three patterns completed!

I knew that Melissa (of Fehr Trade – if you haven’t been there why the devil not?) would be there, and she was able to tell me that I would meet The Material Girl there too. How about that! It was a fairly big class at 14 students but it didn’t feel too cramped – and Moni seems to have super powers and was able to sort all of us out seemingly effortlessly (she probably had to have a large glass of something to recover when she got home but didn’t show it).

Somewhere through the day I had a light-bulb moment and things fell into place. Having spent months looking blankly at these books this is fabulous, and something I will be celebrating. Honestly people, if I can get there you can too. If you are still struggling and can get to London I can strongly recommend the courses at Morley.

The patterns we drew out were:

Crescent Moon

Crescent Moon

This is one of my favourites from the book and it was actually ridiculously easy to make this pattern. I will be making this for myself at some point in the (hopefully) not too distant future. I can see it being worn for smart occasions, but just as easily with jeans.

Sharp and Snappy!

Sharp and Snappy!

I wasn’t quite so certain about this one but it is kinda growing on me – I’m not sure The Management would be happy if I wore this though. Maybe fewer points?

Jutting Edge

Jutting Edge

Another that I wouldn’t have chosen myself but I am really starting to like this idea – and I suspect it would be useful in disguising the excess around the tummy area. Maybe. Possibly. I am sold enough to give it a try at some point. Boy, that wish list gets longer every post!

The day was made even better because my darling daughter met for lunch. As a runner she has known Melissa through the Daily Mile site for some time, but this was the first time they had met in person. We had a lovely lunch at The Three Stags and got back to complete the afternoon a little late. Sorry Moni!

After last Saturday these books no longer have the ‘fear factor’ that they had. I think just being elsewhere and with nothing else to distract me helped, but knowing that Moni was on call if I got in difficulties was a real bonus! I really want to draw out a couple of the others that I have been lusting over for months (pretty much since I got the book really) and I now really think I can. I am looking forward to next Saturday so we can actually toile some of the patterns. Should be very interesting.

Watch this space for future Magic!



Kim Hargreaves Quirky – Liv

I have been sewing lots since my last post – but again it is all for clients and can’t be shown. When I have finished client work I really don’t always feel like sewing for myself so I knit for relaxation. During the last couple of weeks I have been working on another top from the Kim Hargreaves Quirky book.

Liv - from the Quirky knitting book

Liv – from the Quirky knitting book


Bad self portrait - good jumper!

Bad self portrait – good jumper!

Back view

Back view

I didn’t use the recommended yarn as I didn’t have the patience to wait for it to be specially ordered. This should have been make in Rowan ‘Drift’ but I used Patons  ‘Fab Big Colour‘ in a lovely pink mixture that I knew would be wearable with a number of things already in my wardrobe. I thought I would enjoy knitting this as it was on 10mm needles and would be quick to make. I hadn’t used needles this big in many a long year and I found that it was like learning to knit all over again – very unwieldy and clumsy feeling. It was quick, but it will be a long time before I am looking to use these needles again!

This is knitted in one piece until it is divided for the armholes, and has some waist shaping knitted in so that it isn’t too bulky round the middle.  I managed to find buttons that I felt looked really good with the yarn – though sadly not from my multiple button tins this time. I love this jumper/waistcoat and I know I will wear it to death. It is very cosy so is great to wear as an extra layer at the moment as we in the UK wait for the warmer weather to arrive. Though in past experience I suspect it will be worn even then as it is rarely really warm here!

I am still very busy with client sewing and am starting to get a bit ‘twitchy’ and want to make something for myself soon.


Dead on their feet. Stalks?   But still standing straight.

Dead on their feet. Stalks? But still standing straight.

What a lovely colour Mrs Mole's tulips are!

What a lovely colour Mrs Mole’s tulips are!

Remember the tulips?

I threw them out yesterday after well over a week. They looked mummified but were still standing absolutely straight and what amazed me was that the petals didn’t all fall off when I moved the vase to take them to the compost bin. (Oh yes, nothing knowingly wasted here). Mrs Mole sent me a picture of the tulips she had cut and treated as she detailed in her comment to me – it will be interesting to see how they fare. Fabulous colour Mrs Mole!



Pattern Magic and the V&A

What a great weekend I had!

I attended the first part of the Pattern Magic course at Morley College last Saturday. Up until then I had admired, stroked, and generally enjoyed the Pattern Magic books but made no use of them. The pictures of all the garments are beautiful and very inspiring but the instructions were a bit intimidating. The tutor at Morley made the block (sloper) instructions understandable and I now feel that I can now make sense of the instructions to make the adaptions . We used the bamboo shoot adaption as an exercise in class and I was happy to be able to come away with the pattern ready to try at home. When I get the workload back under control I hope to make something to actually wear from this book. I will be back there for the second day of the course next Saturday and am really looking forward to it. One more class next Saturday which I am really looking forward to.


London in November!

I was really happy to be staying with my daughter because we planned to spend Sunday morning at the V&A to see their current ‘Hollywood Costume’ exhibition. We were unusually early and so stopped at a lovely cafe called Greenfields for coffee and pastries. It was amazing weather and although a little bit ‘chill’ we were able to enjoy our coffee outside in the morning sunshine. What a treat in November!

The exhibition was great – I had seen some of the costumes previously at the exhibition held in Worcester Cathedral some time ago. The costumes are beautifully displayed and it is possible to see the backs of most of them (though often from a position further around the display) and I loved it. It would be impossible to choose a favorite costume as so many were just fabulous. Sadly, no photographs allowed so you will just have to go to see them! ( What a great excuse).

I was amazed to find that this was my daughters first visit to the V&A despite living in London – but they have a new convert and she will be there many times more from now! I was able to take her up to the Theater and Performance area where she just loved the ‘Kylie Minogue dressing room’ display. The Lion King costumes were still on display (and I have just bought a ticket to see the show in Birmingham next year – hurrah!) which was lovely.


Wonderful Lion King costumes

And just for those readers down under who I know enjoyed my last Dame Edna offering from the V&A – here is the wonderful ‘Breakfast Dress’!


Dame Edna’s Breakfast dress


DIY Couture

I have been sewing up a storm this week, but all for clients. I am quite enjoying myself as all the work has gone well – a nice change from my own last project. I have even made a start on my wardrobe edit and I have already identified a need.

As the weather has got colder my PJ’s with shorts have become a bit chilly at night, and I had  forgotten that I had already had a winter PJ clear out last year. Not very exciting but an easy project to go back to my 30 minutes for me routine. I am also contemplating shortening a couple of dresses into tops which may be worn more. It will be nice to have a wardrobe where everything is worn again. I must be more disciplined about what I make for myself when I get back to proper sewing again.

I was  in my local library I found this book by Rosie Martin and felt I had to check it out. It declared  ‘no patterns needed’ on the front cover – and that grabbed my attention.

DIY Couture

The book features 10 garments which were shown with slight modifications which made it clear how easy it is to make a style fit your own needs.The eight ‘collections’ shown all looked quite different but used the same foundation. Whilst all of the designs were in a ‘young’ style it would be perfectly possible to adapt to even my age with the encouragement given!  All patterns were made from very simple diagrams or from existing garments. This was very encouraging – and I am sure lots of people are put off by what they imagine are complicated patterns. I loved the way that the author had used flow charts to guide you from the very start to finished garment.

All of these garments would be within easy range (I think) of a beginner who wanted to create her own style instead of buying ‘throwaway’ garments from the budget stores. I imagine that anyone in this range would be reasonably happy with the result but there was no use of interfacing or other support in the garments so I don’t think that they would stand up to a great deal of use before becoming ‘sad’.

The author is clear that she feels it is unnecessary to worry about the details – and not get too bogged down in too much accuracy. As she rightly points out you will probably recognise some of the things that would upset us about our own work in garments for sale in many shops (and not just the budget end of the market). This is probably well worth even very experienced sewers taking on board – it is possible to take the pursuit of  ‘perfection’ to the point where you don’t like what you are making any more. A little relaxation would not hurt. This made me think carefully about my own sewing – and I know there are occasions where I over complicate things. It was good to be reminded that great looking garments can be made quite simply.

While I know I  would want to make a bit more effort with ‘the detail’ than is being suggested here I think this is a great book for a beginner. And anything that encourages people to try sewing is well worth it. Look out for this in your library!


Edit: I forgot to say that Rosie Martin has a DIY Couture website which is at