Overlooked pattern #1

In common with everyone else life here has been a bit frustrating of late. I’m finding it very difficult to settle to anything at the moment and as a result there’s really not a lot getting done. It’s taken a while to decide what pattern I’m going to start with – there were just so many patterns to choose from!

The eventual choice was the Style Arc Teddy Designer Pant. I’m very sorry but I’m afraid they really should be ‘pants’  and that will be how I refer to them. I think the first time I saw these made up was in Ann’s blog – The Compulsive Seamstress . This was back in March last year, so this is a fairly recently overlooked pattern by comparison with many I have. Back then I knew that I had some linen that would work beautifully for this pattern but I’ve dredged deeper into stash to find something I’m not feeling too precious about. I love the shape these trousers in principle ….. but I’m not certain how I will feel about wearing them.


The pattern has been traced, and the chosen fabric ironed. The fabric is a polyester lightweight suiting which was sold to me many years ago as Trevira. Judging from the way it has creased in storage it should take the front pleat creases well! I found a suitable zip, which I will shorten to the desired length, in stash and I know I have plenty of light grey thread and the required interfacing so I can crack on when I’m ready.


In addition to planning this (OK, it didn’t take too much planning once I’d chosen the pattern!) I have been learning a new skill. When the wonderful Fadanista came to visit Bewdley she was wearing the Stitch Diva Anais jacket. I had admired this previously from her blog posts so it was wonderful to see the actual garment.


I had no idea how Tunisian crochet was done – but isn’t that what the internet is for? Armed with the pattern and the online instructions I made a start. The yarn is Hayfield chunky with wool (80/20) and was very nice to work with. As I be no idea how well I would get on with this new technique I thought it wise to us a yarn that could take a bit of punishment! As it turned out this wasn’t quite as difficult as I expected and whilst I know that there are one or two imperfections no one is going to see unless I point them out.

This was an absolutely engrossing project – every spare moment I had I was hooking away like a demon! As it was chunky yarn it grew satisfyingly quickly too. I thoroughly enjoyed learning this, and now have a fabulously warm layer to wear when I can shed my winter coat but still need some help. Will I be making another? Erm…



Stay safe, and keep sewing!

Kim x


I’m A Great Aunt!

In truth I thought I always was, though my nephew & nieces may beg to differ, but now it is official. With the arrival of my nephews firstborn I am officially a GREAT Aunt. Both the new mother and I are fans of Converse sneakers so when I found this FREE pattern on Ravelry it was obvious I had to make it up!

Converse, great and small!

Converse, great and small!

My boots are only a size 6/EU 39 so you get an idea of scale. These little boots are just beyond cute! Crochet isn’t something I do lots of, and I struggle a bit with patterns but I managed to make something that looked pretty much like the original picture in not too much time. The yarn was a negligible amount, and all available from stash. It wasn’t as if I had nothing else that should have demanded my attention – but I downed all other tools and enjoyed a few hours immersed in a craft I rarely use. Nice music on the radio, a cup of tea to hand, what more could a girl want? (Chocolate springs to mind!)

I love these, and really enjoyed making them, so I hope that the new parents do too. Now, who else can I make some for….