Jungle January

Oh dear, again I am really late posting what I have made for Jungle January hosted by the lovely Anne at Pretty Grievances again.

I did join in a couple of years ago when I made a pair of zebra print leggings. I knew I had a bit of this fabric left and had been hoping to get it made into something, ANYTHING! I bought a pattern from Melissa at Fehr Trade which I loved but had totally forgotten buying (I’m sure there will be many more of these occasions as I trawl through the detritus in my stash – both fabric and patterns) and knew this was it.The VNA top was beautifully designed, the PDF pattern fitted together with no hitches when I traced it so I was ready to go. Until I was diverted by something else and lost my tracing. Anyone else as disorganised as me?

I searched high and low, gave up and traced again – measuring myself again and discovering I needed the size smaller than I had traced anyway. Probably just as well it got lost. Anyhoo, this exercise vest was made entirely from ‘scrap’ fabric as the zebras were leggings leftovers, and the contrast black section was from a client project that left lots of chunks of black lycra. The sewing instructions were very clear, and the point at centre back is a particular delight. It probably took less time to cut out and sew than I spent searching for the original tracing.I have worn this a couple of times out running and to my yoga class and it performs beautifully – but as Melissa is an experienced runner herself I wouldn’t have expected any less. I love this and will certainly be making more as I prefer vests to t-shirts when exercising but I will reduce the hip circumference a little (I basically have no hips).

Feeling flushed with success I cut out a top from Butterick 6388 which I bought a while back when it was on sale. I loved the neckline and thought it would be absolutely perfect for the bleak grey weather we are having. Again the fabric is leftover from another project – Fadanistas Sneaky Shrug. The fabric was dirt cheap from Birmingham Market so I have absolutley no idea exactly what it is – but I have washed it and it survived, it has a bit of silver twinkle in it, and it has a leopard print. What more can you ask? I have worn this combination of leopard top and warm leggings (not blogged yet) pretty much since they were finished. I love them both – expect to see more. Sorry it’s such a lousy mirror selfie but I took it very quickly to be able to get it posted.



I have done more in January but the whole idea of retirement has gone to my head and I haven’t been taking photographs or blogging (although I have been trying – and largely failing – to keep up with reading blogs). I promise to update the January makes very soon. Honestly promise.

Kim 🙂




Anyone spotted my mojo?

Some weeks doing any work at all seems to be hard. This has been one of those weeks. I have kept pace with the client schedule (just), but anything for myself has just felt like too much effort.

Comparing with my favourite top

Comparing with my favourite top

I did put together the pattern for the Fehr Tade XYT work out top from the printed PDF file. Kudos to Melissa – this has to be the best matched PDF pattern I have stuck together so far. She has made joining marks on each sheet and every line seemed to just go together effortlessly. I have checked the pattern up against my favourite NIKE top for size and have made some adjustments which should help with the final fit, and lengthened the whole thing by 3″ as I like my tops long. You can see from the photograph that it isn’t far out from the favourite tops size, the bits sticking out should just about cover the seam allowances.

I am still messing about with the built in ‘bra’ section. I am well outside the ‘B’ cup ideal so I know I should just make another piece with a dartless full bust adjustment before I cut out the power net. But not this week.

I have even got as far as selecting some lycra fabric from my stash. It is a very tasteful very bright pink. Very bright. It will be perfect for one of the Race for Life events when it is done. I even have the black fold-over elastic as contrast. Very classy. However you will have to wait till next week for any progress as I have decided to have a sewing free weekend. BECAUSE IT IS THE LONDON MARATHON ON SUNDAY!

My daughter will be running, along with (but not beside) Melissa, and Mo Farrah. And thousands of other people.

Good luck to everyone who is running, or supporting, this weekend.

(Hopefully more sewing progress next week)