Busy – but not for me.

I have sewn almost non-stop this week (when not trying to update my website – oh boy do I need some help!). I took an order just before going to Egypt that was too nice to refuse. Isn’t it always the things that you have a short time limit on that take longer than you think? Anyway, as a result I haven’t done anything for myself. Maybe next week.

We have now moved out of ‘Me made March’ and I have to confess that I failed to wear something ‘me made’ every day. As I said in a previous post I spent most of my time in Egypt in a wetsuit. Happy Kim! However what I have learned from this month is that I have made far more tops than trousers/skirts and I could really use an ‘everyday’ sort of jacket. This should all be addressed soon. Perhaps next time Zo has one of these challenges I will make a better job of it. How did you do?


Me Made Fail

I have got to admit to an epic fail with regard to ‘Me-made March’. I have spent the last week in Egypt and didn’t realise until I got there that the little room left for clothes after packing all my scuba diving gear was filled with almost entirely purchased garments. I suck. In all honesty I spent most of my time in a wetsuit and cozzy so it wasn’t exactly a stylish holiday.

As compensation check out the towel crocodile – wouldn’t it be great to have time to make these guys daily?Towel Crocodile

Me-Made March 2011

I may be suffering a little ‘March Madness’ (early – I know) but this seemed like a challenge that should not be ignored. I saw this challenge at  ‘So, Zo, What do you know’ and thought it brilliant. What do we want? Clothes! When do we want them? NOW! Or at least to wear in March. The weather is supposed to be getting warmer, the new seasons fashions are in the magazines and shops already SO dust off those sewing machines and make them work girls! Bessie is  beside herself in anticipation. I am off to sort through the stash.