Toe up socks – no sewing needed

I have been very busy sewing this week, but it has been all client work. I really couldn’t face any sewing for me at the moment – it just all feels too much like work. My personal sewing mojo seems to have left the building.

One of the things I have wanted to try for some time was knitting socks from the toe up. I love knitting socks but hate the grafting/Kitchener stitch that is needed to close the toe. This seemed like the ideal solution.
I recently commented on the ‘Did you make that’  blog when she asked what autumn knitting plans we had. Quick as a flash sewingjen responded, encouraging me to try a Ravelry pattern called ‘Lacery’ that she liked. It seemed churlish not to look, so I did. And bought yarn, a lovely purple mixture of wool/nylon called ZigZag, and the necessary (2.5mm!) circular needle since I really also wanted to try the ‘magic loop’ method of knitting socks.

Toe up socks going well

Toe up socks going well

The pattern uses ‘Judys Magic cast on’ method (lots of magic in these socks!) which was shown in the You Tube video in a very understandable manner. I have made a start, and since it is possible to knit with feet up on the sofa watching TV when you are using a circular needle made reasonable progress. I am just about to get into the whole ‘heel’ palaver but I am feeling confident – the pattern is well explained – and I will continue tonight. The pattern has a pretty lacy pattern on the front (hence Lacery) but I am knitting these plain this time. I will probably do some ribbing up the legs to help them stay up.

And the other great thing – no sewing in these socks at all! Once they are knitted you only need a needle to darn in any loose ends. Wonderful.

Once I am back in control of the client sewing I will make a start on a dress which I have gathered all of the necessary bits for. It is a Patrones jersey dress which I have had the pattern cut waiting for ages. It looks simple enough, and I can use the coverstitcher on it. More about that later.