Mystery tool? I have one of those!

Intrigued by a thread on the Stitchers Guild site titled ‘Mystery tool’ I had to look. I was amazed to recognise a gizmo given to me by a friend after her mother died – I hadn’t tried to do anything with it so the comments on the thread made me dig it out and try it. Sadly there are no instructions – or it was considered so obvious at one time that none were needed.

But what does it do?

It seems to have the pieces that Pina shows – but also has two needles which resemble hyperdermic needles (hollow centres) and a long needle threader. This has been in a drawer for at least 5 years so it was well overdue for investigation. With a little effort (and the help of a threaded loose needle) I was able to get the thread down the tube and within range of the threading aid. With the needle pushed onto the tubeĀ  I just pushed it through the fabric and left a loop on the back before pulling the needle back. I think if I had repeated the action it would have given a more secure marking but it really does leave a tailors tack!

Threading up
Tailors tack!

With a little practice I think this could be useful !

I have just checked You Tube and there is a video of an old commercial – this thing could be really useful – check it out. (P.S. Mine is not for sale!)