Fabulous Fashionistas

I have spent a fabulous hour this morning watching a Channel 4 programme recorded earlier in the week called Fabulous Fashionistas. It was wonderful to have a style programme on prime time TV , even if I did save it for later, that concentrated on ‘a more mature lady’.

Looking good: Jean Woods, Gillian Lynne and Bridget Sojourner show how to pose like you mean it

All of these ladies were fabulous, if extreme, versions of what I would like to be when I grow up. As dressmakers we are very fortunate to be able to make/remodel clothes so that we don’t have to wear something that is instantly recognisable as being a particular shop or brand. This makes me very happy.

While watching I was reminded of the post I reblogged some time ago about Advanced Style. This was a book I had intended to get at the time, and is still available on amazon. I love to see people, old or young, expressing their own style and that is very much in evidence in the blog world.

I am still fairly very conservative, having been very traditionally brought up, and sometimes find it hard to actually wear what I would like to for fear of being considered ‘odd’. You know what? I am going to just go with my feelings from here – I might look an idiot from time to time but I will be my own idiot.

P.S. I am going out tonight in a group of eight ‘ladies of a certain age’ to see The Lion King. And I can guarantee I will have a ball. Leopard print shoes at the ready.