Revealing the Patrones 308(Model 8) dress

Before I show you the Patrones  dress I have to confess that The Management and I ran away for a few days in the beautiful Lake District. We spent a couple of days staying in Windermere, and visiting lots of wonderful places (including Beatrix Potters house!) and generally having a wonderful time.

The wonderful view from our hotel

The wonderful view from our hotel

The trip was partly the reason the dress got made up at all, but also the reason it was thrown together so darn fast. Despite the lack of ‘fine finishing’ I like it! I discovered that it could have been made even more quickly by leaving the zip out altogether and just sewing up the back seam (I discovered that when I forgot and took it off without undoing the zip – obviously I had to put it on again just to check I could). The original was made with an exposed zipper, which would have been a nice feature, but I was working with a concealed zipper. Next time probably no zipper at all.

Don't know why I look cross!

Not the best picture ever!

I love the sleeves

I love the sleeves

The way I am standing in the picture is very odd – and I look even thicker round the waist than usual. I know I am thick waisted but it doesn’t usually look quite so bad. Anne from Pretty Grievances should approve of the animal print shoes and belt! The dress is very simple – but has lovely detail on the sleeve head. There is a dart right at the top, and over the shoulder is a flat seam (not terribly obvious in the magazine picture or my own photograph), the fullness is gathered into an area about the mid third of the armhole. I sewed the elastic with a triple stitch zig zag from the end of the dart down the centre of the sleeve, stretched so it made the fabric gather a little. Again, a simple idea but I think it looks very nice.

This was such a quick and easy dress I suspect I may make it again – but I might ‘fiddle’ with the design a little.


Quinn(black) and Quibble the Alpacas

Quinn(black) and Quibble the Alpacas

Wild pom-pom sheep. Wonderful - and so many of them!

Wild pom-pom sheep. Wonderful – and so many of them!

Whilst we were in the Lakes we ran into an exhibition called the Kendal Wool Gathering. I knew nothing about this before our visit so it was just good luck that I was able to go see. And buy. The Management was very taken with a couple of Alpacas called Quinn and Quibble – apparently alpacas are useful not only for their fabulously soft fleece but also because they don’t like foxes or badgers and so guard a flock very well. Who would have guessed? I don’t think they would have had any problems looking after the wild pom-pom sheep!

I did buy some goodies, fueling my new sock knitting addiction. The yarn was generally at the ‘better’ end of the market and I could have spent a massive amount of money. I think I was fairly restrained in only buying four lots of yarn and a bunch of buttons. However, I now have a whole new list of suppliers which I imagine will be used in the future. Take a look at this lovely lot!



I am almost finished the toe-up socks I was making so I will have those to show you soon. I am loving knitting them – and they are a great portable project. I already have a request from my mum who would like some for Christmas. Aaargh! There. I have said the ‘C’ word. I do love ‘the season’ but I didn’t want to refer to it quite so early. Sorry everyone!

8 Comments on “Revealing the Patrones 308(Model 8) dress”

  1. Looks fab nd ai am super jealous you’ve jst been to the Lake District – such a beautiful area but a bit closer to you than to me!

  2. sewbussted says:

    You look great to me!
    I’ve even started thinking about the “C” word. It will be here before we know it after all 🙂

  3. Ali says:

    The styles fab, it really suits you ✂️😀✂️😀✂️

  4. amcclure says:

    I also spent the weekend in the Kendal area and attended the wool gathering on Saturday – I bought some buttons but my biggest purchase was a picture made of fleece – beautiful. I also visited the Quaker Tapestry Museum – amazing.

    • I didn’t push my luck with The Management and ask to go to the tapestry museum – maybe next time. We bought a glass picture from an exhibition at Blackwells which we fell in love with and we will have to go back to collect when the exhibition closes. Enjoy your fleece picture!

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