SAM 2 – Februarys shirt

OK. I know I am a few days late with this shirt – but like I said in my last post I was going away for a few days. Want to see my cabin?

Forest Holiday

Breakfast visitor

Forest Holidays Cabin

My little bit of heaven

Well  it was mine – but only for the week. It is in the lovely Forest of Dean and really belonged to Forest Holidays. We had a very reviving few days of unseasonably warm weather – and even had guests for breakfast on occasion!Joking apart – we had a great time, did lots of walking, and have come home refreshed and ready to get on again. So…..SAM 2 - February

SAM 2 - February

Bessie modeling

SAM 2 - February

Rolled sleeve detail

…I finished Februarys shirt. When I left the sleeves had to made and set into the body, and the buttons and buttonholes had to be made.The fabric is a very

SAM 2 - February

Rear view

stretchy cotton mix (from stash – I can’t remember where it came from) which caused a few problems with setting in the sleeves without it creating little tucks. After a bit of unpicking and careful re-sewing it looks fine. I wanted the buttons to be virtually invisible – the fabric does enough on its own – so I used very basic small white shirt buttons and I am very happy.

The pattern was basically Patrones 311 style 6 –  but as I detailed in my last post I made a few adjustments to make it more wearable in the wonderful UK summers. As I wasn’t able to get a decent photograph on me (and the management is back to work) I had to rely on Bessie to model for me.

I am very happy with this shirt(dress) and I will  probably wear it with leggings/footless tights unless it is really hot (and I get the fake tan evenly on my gleaming winter white legs). I will almost certainly make it again and may just fiddle the pattern to make this little beauty.

RLauren ruffled shirt dress

Fabulous Ralph Lauren shsirtdress

 It wont be too difficult to make the necessary adjustments to give this pattern – and I can steal the ruffles from style 26 to try them out! February is a winner. Lets see what I make of March.

3 Comments on “SAM 2 – Februarys shirt”

  1. I´ve never been brave enough to make a “proper” shirt and I really should as I have a large bust and can never get one that looks good on me. Love your cabin, very nice indeed 😉

  2. Kathryn, aka fzxdoc says:

    Lovely shirt with some well-thought-out detailing. You transformed what could have been a simple look to a real head-turner of a shirt. Congrats!


  3. janine says:

    your shirt looks lovely . I wish I could get my collars to align as perfectly with the front bands as you have done – although I am getting alot better with LOTS of practice. I also love the front placket detail and shirt tabs.

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