Another Made from Burda 2/13

In my last post I gave a little teaser picture of something I had been working on as a gift.

Boyfriend shirt 101

Boyfriend shirt 101

It was a shirt my  daughter asked for – and although that was a while ago I thought it would be nice to sneak it in with her birthday gift. I used the pattern number 101 from February’s Burda magazine. I found this one to be a very easy make.  I  worked a placket on the sleeve opening rather than just binding a split , and shortened the body and sleeves as my daughter is very petite, but made everything else as is. I’m afraid I can’t comment on the method that Burda give as I didn’t use it – I have made so many  shirts/blouses over the years I have stopped looking. The fabric is a wonderful soft baby-cord from stock (still some left!) in a gorgeous chocolate brown.

Front view on Bessie

Front view on Bessie

Back view on Bessie

Back view on Bessie

I was desperate to get this wrapped and into the post so the pictures aren’t very good – and Bessie is a little too large to be modeling this really. I hope to get a photograph from J when she gets a chance so I will update the post then.

If this fits her reasonably well there is an adaption in the magazine to make this into a jacket which I rather like. If my daughter agrees I may make that for her too.

4 Comments on “Another Made from Burda 2/13”

  1. Sewbussted says:

    Such a lucky girl!!! The moment I started to sew, my mother quit!

  2. Lucky girl! The only thing my mother ever made for me was a hideous orange nylon wool crochet dress when I was about 4 – it was so stretchy it still fitted me about 6 years later (seriously). It became a family legend!

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