Drape Drape OK? – The Pictures

So today the picture feature seems to be working so here we go….

Odd shape

Odd shape

As you can see the finished garment looks weird (and is a monster to fold) but that is what gives you the wonderful drape.

Neck detail

Neck detail

The instructions were to bind the neckline but I went with the easy option of a 4cm strip, folded in half, and sewn at a slight tension round the opening before anchoring with another row of stitching. Easy, fast, fine.

Back view showing fullness

Back view showing fullness


Front view - check out that neckline!

Front view – check out that neckline! 

The front view of the top doesn’t quite give the impression of how low this neckline goes as it is leaning to the back. Next version will have the neck raised by the recommended 10cm (Thanks Melissa!). The back view shows the amount of cloth in this garment – it is huge! The left sleeve is a pretty normal kimono type sleeve but the right is just a hole in the seam at the top of the  fold. I like the idea but I think that my pattern needs some attention to fitting. 

I also need to find a photographer who will mention that the back is folded up before they take the photos and clear off back to their newspaper!

I will probably wear this as I love the fabric – but I really need to try again in a different size, with a raised neckline, to see if that is better. A reasonable first draft.


19 Comments on “Drape Drape OK? – The Pictures”

  1. Sewbussted says:

    I really like the top. Just a suggestion, I like the depth of the front neckline. How about filling in the back neckline. The front neckline will then stay in place.
    Great fabric choice!

  2. mrsmole says:

    I’m with sewbusted, in your back view the shoulder seams have crawled to the back and if the back neckline were higher/filled in, it might stabilize the front neckline as well. I’d raise the front neckline as well a little. It looks like an easy to sew top with 2 pieces…love the fabric! Photographers are hard to find….feed him some cookies first as it will improve his eyesight.

    • Thanks Mrs Mole – again, I had shuffled the top back for decency so just a front alteration needed I think. The top is all in one piece (see last but one post) so opportunities for alteration are limited by that.
      Good suggestion re photographer. Maybe cookies would help!?!

  3. I love it – you look great and you know what you can do to make it feel perfect!

  4. I really like it – I think higher front neck will make it easier to wear alright.I dont have the drape drape books (yet!). But Just looking at it laid out flat, I wonder if I could wrangle a version using my t shirt pattern. It might be worth experimenting with!

  5. Gjeometry says:

    Ooooh, I love it! I’ve been enjoying everybody’s drape drape makes recently, i’m so glad they have gained popularity. And, I think you made en excellent fabric pattern choice. The undulations and squiggles really match the drapey effect of the top. (And, I must have the same photographer….I look at the pics later and some of them it’s like how could you not have seen that before snapping the pic???? LOL) (ps, I have a voting poll up on my blog, you can chose between 4 patterns as to which pattern I should sew for March, not sure if you’ve seen it or dropped by to vote, but if you get a chance, feeel free!)

  6. I made it!! says:

    Funny how something with such a goofy shape can end up looking so great

  7. foamofdays says:

    I like it – unusual design, but looks great, and the choice of fabric is great!

  8. sewruth says:

    That’s a great pattern for your fabric – the two work really well together.

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